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Passion & Purpose – The PassionPurpose of QuintessentialYou

Passion is both Infinite Desire and the finite object of that Infinite Desire.  It is arbitrary and captivating motive for something – that state of being acted on or affected by something external to oneSelf.

The Passion of QuintessentialYou integrates where we always get results and what we are intensely fervent about.  This Passion is NOT selective.  It is universal – an expression of Essence.  This Passion calls forth both what is foreign and what is familiar to source InfiniteFulfillment of Desire.

Purpose is the reason for which something exists and what it is used for.  It is an anticipated result that is intended – a state of being pledged and engaged to fulfill a promise internal to oneSelf.

The  Purpose of QuintessentialYou integrates that which is intolerable with that which gives us pleasure.  This Purpose IS selective.  It is individual – the essence of Expression.  This Purpose is an impulse and inclination to sustain aspiration and agreement for InfiniteFulfillment of Commitment.

PassionPurpose is an element of the marriage of individual and universal human in the form of you.  We often hear of people ‘looking’ for their passion, searching for their purpose.  Here’s the good news – you can stop seeking.  PassionPurpose is inherent in QuintessentialYou.

We don’t find PassionPurpose – PassionPurpose found and infused us.

We don’t have PassionPurpose – PassionPurpose has us.

We don’t fulfill PassionPurpose – PassionPurpose fulfills itself through us.

I invite you to stop looking.   Start experiencing.  Open the door to resonance and the PassionPurpose promise of QuintessentialYou.

Begin today with a Gift.  Allow me to gift you your EssenceExpression – the first element of the QuintessentialYou Blueprint.

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Watch for my next post:  Commitment & Desire – The CommitmentDesire of QuintessentialYou

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