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52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment: Week 31 – The Blueprint That Is You

‘Just as each of us has a genetic code guiding the formation of our physical bodies, so each has a genius code, the blueprint of our potential talents and gifts that yearn now to be expressed.’……. Barbara Marx Hubbard, Emergence: The Shift From Ego To Essence

The QuintessentialYou Blueprint

The items represented in red in the Blueprint diagram above, are the holographic aggregate elements that make up the design of quintessential you and quintessential me.  Each one is unique to every individual.  Each one works simultaneously with every other element in the design of us and our life.

It is a natural and innate desire and an inherent right that human beings realize InfiniteFulfillment of the life we are designed to live.  That life does not look like everyone else’s life.  It does not necessarily follow the trends of the day or the history of our families or our upbringing.  It does not for certain sustain the circumstances and conditions of our past….. and it might.

Our authentic, quintessential self has a voice.  It wants to expand its expression.  It wants to be known.  Will we continue to look outside ourSelf, thinking that it’s out there somewhere?  Will we keep working harder trying to change ourselves, others, and the world?  On this track, will we finally find what it is we’re looking for?

Or alternatively, will we realize ‘it’ is over here within each one of us – patiently awaiting our commitment to continual discovery and evolvement of the quintessential life that is already ours, right here and right now?

This week’s question to live – our living question has us consider our own Blueprint:

If I could choose only one, which element of my Blueprint would I most like to have revealed?

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  1. Sylvia Metz says:

    At this moment, ‘Realizing in World’ — which is in Witness— is what I would most like to have revealed. Intellectually, I know how much I have realized to this point in my world — two beautiful children, meaningful relationships, enjoyable work, good health and a life of sobriety that allows all of it to be possible, ‘Realizing in World’ says to me that it is possible to deeply experience gratitude for the life I take for granted. Being witness, at the level of essence, to me is ‘realizing’ how fortunate I am, how much there is to be grateful for — something I desire to experience more often.

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