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What Is The Genius Of QuintessentialYou?

 ‘Just as each of us has a genetic code guiding the formation of our physical bodies, so each has a genius code, the blueprint of our potential talents and gifts that yearn now to be expressed.’ …..Barbara Marx Hubbard, Emergence: The Shift From Ego To Essence

Though we are seldom conscious and present to it, how we experience and create life is different for each one of us.  It is what makes being human so intriguing and so compelling and every individual an exquisite expression of humanity.

Overlooking this obvious fact, we take for granted the elegance and intricacy of who you are and who I am in the sea of we.  We move through our daily routines rarely stopping to think that there is so much more to each and every one of us than the bodies we see or the ideas that we communicate.

Within our expressed visible selves, an essential elemental self weaves together a discernible Blueprint that is at the source of everything we create.  The QuintessentialYou Blueprint gives us access to this elemental self and its evolutionary process of creation.  Available only through resonance with our inner being, this unique internal architecture calls forward our aggregate self—the totality of our of essence and expression.

Though it is there in everything that is important to us and all that we do, this aggregate self can only be articulated through individual experience.  This is the work and the source of the unique QuintessentialYou Blueprint that is each one of us.

The QuintessentialYou Context 

The QuintessentialYou Blueprint is our individual design of the fundamental elements that combine to make us who we are.  When we make the choice to live consciously through our personal evolutionary process, these elements become distinguishable and relevant to all of life’s endeavours and desires.

Our language holds the clues to this process and its ultimate design of our unique Blueprint.  Inquiry and intentional conversation provide access through the words we use and the experiences they evoke.  Drawing our attention to what arises, inquiry and conversation distinguish what resonates with us by overriding any attempt at intellectual thinking, explaining, or ‘figuring out’ responses and their meanings.  This approach requires us to surrender all evaluation, stay in process, and make progressive choices informed by our experience.

A Context Of Inquiry

In our natural state, we are aligned to the design of our Quintessential Self.  Though we are not aware of it, we inherently know our Blueprint design and we participate with it through our particular life circumstances.  As we move through inquiry, we explore, discover, and are able to articulate our Blueprint’s foundational elements that are informing our life and its fulfillment.  This articulation begins the process of collaboration and co-creation with our Quintessential Self.

We cannot think our way to our QuintessentialYou Blueprint.  Recognizing this, it is imperative that the process eliminates analyzing and strategizing in favour of experiencing, witnessing, and choosing.  To accomplish this, four fundamental principles guide an Inquiry—Exploration—Discovery approach:

The Language of Resonance asks us to articulate what is present—what we are feeling and experiencing in lieu of explaining what we are considering, thinking, or surmising.

The Choice of Experience calls us to choose what represents our feeling and experience over what our logical mind and thoughts indicate should be our response.

The Process of Emergence requires us to stay in its spiral progression toward decreasing choices that ultimately emerge what the Blueprint element IS from what it IS NOT.

The Principle of Juxtaposition ascertains apparently distinct words and places them in nearness or contiguity to each other as part of the substance and composition for wholeness.

‘The mystery and magic of being an individual is to live life in response to the deep call within, the call to become who we were destined to be.  In primal terms, it is the call to discover and realize the divine blueprint in the soul.  This is where true freedom awaits us.’ … John O’Donohue, Beauty: The Invisible Embrace

Are you in touch with the deep call within?  What does your experience indicate?  Where does your true freedom reside and await your inquiry, exploration and discovery?

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