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Gratitude Expressed For What’s Shown Up

‘GRATITUDE EXPRESSED is inviting.  This gracious practice appreciates receiving.  Welcoming ‘What’s shown up’, we confirm ‘I’m done’ and celebrate completion.’ …CONSTRUCT DevelopmentConversation, QuintessentialYou Design

Gratitude Expressed is the culminating ninth practice of the QuintessentialYou Practices.  Journeying through


Being At Ease~Being Observant~Attending To Intuition~

Willingness To Be Surprised~Opportunity Seized, we culminate with Gratitude Expressed.

With this culmination, we begin the cycle again newly present to Desire and a new journey.

Through the three stages of QuintessentialYou Practices, we are consciously focused on realizing desire and potential, perhaps somewhat differently than how we are generally taught to pursue them.  At the first inkling of DESIRE we have an internal hint – that nudge that has us stop long enough to sense a calling toward something.  If we are awake and aware enough to notice, this message leads us to inquire into this initiation.  We heed the nudge and at the very least, wonder about what it might be like or where it might take us.  If it is strong enough, we accept the call and take steps toward SPECIFICITY with respect to what we have sensed.  We begin to consider what it might be like to realize this possibility and eventually, we are able to imagine its components, characteristics and qualities.  We start to take on the idea, the experience and the state of this distinguished desire.  We assume its viability and feel its CERTAINTY.  At Certainty, activation of this internal Desire has occurred.  Desire arose, Specificity clarified, Certainty confirmed.

Beyond this Certainty, our work lies in engaging the distinguished Desire.  This ‘work’, although it appears less active than the planning and tasks we normally equate to success, requires high commitment and steady discipline.  The next three QuintessentialYou Practices support this steadiness and discipline.  BEING AT EASE has us relax enough to see what’s not being explored.  With this new attention and expanded presence, BEING OBSERVANT sheds light on new considerations.  Not only do we see newly, we broaden perspective to include a capacity to hear internal messages that come viscerally from ATTENDING TO INTUITION.  At this juncture, desire is emerging.  Being At Ease has us choosing, Being Observant has us noticing, Attending To Intuition has us listening.

With Attending To Intuition firmly planted,  we have readied ourselves for fruition.  Desire is firmly planted in the field and we are prepared for recognition.  The final stage of QuintessentialYou Practices ensures fulfillment.  WILLINGNESS TO BE SURPRISED is my personal favorite practice.  It meets its intention by showing us what we have not considered plausible or possible before this stage.  It spontaneously gives us something we can no longer ignore.  Assuming the cumulative effect of the practices that came before it, OPPORTUNITY SEIZED then expects acknowledgment of the chance laid out before us.  Ah and finally, that chance becomes outcome, the completion point when actualization has occurred and GRATITUDE EXPRESSED is inevitable.  Willingness To Be Surprised opens us, Opportunity Seized has us take right, inspired action, Gratitude Expressed has us ‘done’.

Activation Engaging Actualization.  Essence Emerging Form.  Opportunity Realizing Potential.  Gratitude Expressed For What’s Shown Up.

What Desire is nudging you?  What might be realized in the journey through your individual expression of QuintessentialYou Practices?




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