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Do You Nurture Or Negate Desire?

Desire is essential.  Arising in the absence of perfection, it is a necessary practice.  In acknowledgment of what’s not perfect, we spark and initiate Desire, presencing a pure ‘I want’….QuintessentialYou Design DevelopmentConversation

I am not speaking here of the never-ending menial wants that drive our every day lives.  I am not referring to the trends we think we need to follow or the myriad of items to which we are introduced through advertising mediums and marketing programs.  My reference is to Desire that begins as a hint within us – that tiny spark we hardly notice and barely pay attention to.  It’s that single seed trying to sprout amidst “I can’t” or “not me” or “there’s no way”.

Often, we don’t even know what the seed is.  We’re unable to name it or find a place for it and yet, it persists.  Just as frequently, it shows up as a memory of a past yearning not fulfilled.  It’s there in our language and conversations as we reference it to make a point or compare it to something currently occurring.  If we pause long enough, we can identify the actions we took to change or eliminate the circumstances that we think caused its demise.  We recall the results of the actions we took or perhaps more accurately, the non-results of our activity.  If we have a good relationship with feeling, we can distinguish the experience of this Desire-not-fulfilled, no matter how long ago it took place.  We remember because it is this experience that captures the lack and absence of Desire.

On the other side of the coin, consider a current Desire.  We can see it clearly against the backdrop of what’s not perfect.  If we take a moment, we can articulate what in our environment or approach is inconsistent with the fulfillment of this Desire.  We can sense what we want – what will fulfill this Desire.  We can imagine it and get in touch with the experience of this fulfillment because it captures the presence and possibility of Desire.

Lack and absence or presence and possibility  – Negating or Nurturing – We choose the stand from which we create or dismantle Desire.  Held prisoner by our individual versions of doubt and fear, we negate what we set out to fulfill, leaving the seed without a chance to take root, grow and blossom.  Feeling completely the presence and possibility of pure Desire, we penetrate the Self with our individual experience of fulfillment, nurturing the tiny seed, giving it the nourishment it requires to generate emergence and ultimate expression in visible form.

Desire is akin to creation.  We negate what we cannot carry and sustain.  We nurture what we embrace and hold through the experience and process of development.

Do you nurture or negate Desire?  How do you practice Desire?


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