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  1. Sylvia Metz says:

    Absolutely love this, Kathy. Goalsetting never worked for me…despite the number of times I set them out, step by step. The process was always arduous and filled with pressure and ‘work’.

    This has ever been true for me with my health. No matter how many goals I set, how many tried and true methods the experts expounded to me, it was only when I let go all of these that new opportunities were seen. With intution and faith in QYou’s practices, I followed a winding path. I now find myself in a state of health and wellness that previously eluded me…and, I didn’t work myself into a frenzy to accomplish a thing. My Desire was health and my process was QYou. Much easier…!

    In being the state ‘Willingness to Be Surprised’, I am open to what might be possible and notice connections I would not have otherwise seen had I had my eye on the ‘step’. In this state, I find it easier to be tuned into life’s conversation…as though it’s telling/showing me the steps to take. Sometimes life shows you a direction that may not make any sense whatsoever. Yet, in moving in that direction, the realization of what I desire shows up.

    Willingess to be surprised is one of the most fun practices of QYou…. and a definite favourite of mine.

  2. Kathleen says:

    How great! – the desire for a state of health and wellness realized!
    I love your description of being ‘tuned into life’s conversation’. What a wonderful picture of a dialogue and partnership with life….even when its indicated direction is somewhat of mystery, not making immediate sense in the pathway to fulfilling desire!

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