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What’s Your Wisdom?

‘Education is not accomplished by putting something into man; its purpose is to draw out of man the wisdom which is latent within him.’…Neville, Your Faith Is Your Fortune, 1941

Living from the premise that in the design of each one of us there is a unique wisdom makes me gush with excitement!  What a fabulous context from which to take the journey of life.  From this place, individually and collectively, we are on a continual path of discovery.  Personally, I can’t imagine any other kind of existence.

Our particular experience and process of life creates our particular lives.  Access to the wisdom to be discovered is through the process itself.  So how do we open the door to this precious wisdom?  I think the short answer lies in this simple phrase:

We make space for mystery.

We can’t ‘goal and objectify’ ourselves to Wisdom.  It has to have room and time to show itself.  It needs an environment that is welcoming – one that gives it a place for development.  Wisdom doesn’t do well with targeted actions and pre-conceived outcomes.  It requests … and requires… deliberate listening and movement informed by inspiration – action that is its natural application in lieu of ‘applied action’.  Less interested in result than in realization of desire, Wisdom won’t necessarily cooperate with wants and plans.  It’s primary raison-d’etre is fulfillment.

We have hints of our individual Wisdom when we experience spontaneous fruition and surprising actualization.  We know that feeling intuitively.  It is, more often than not, difficult to articulate or explain.

Mystery taking its space.

What’s your Wisdom?  What is hiding latent within you?

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