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What’s Missing?

We ask ‘What’s missing?’ in numerous contexts in our day to day conversations.  We consider the question in reference to solutions to problems, in evaluating what we have and don’t have, and in making decisions to proceed or not in any variety of circumstances.  However, it is rare for us to stop to determine what exactly we think that ‘missing’ element would provide.  When we get underneath this question the answer can be both intriguing and extremely useful.  This asking requires us to dig below the service to recognize what it is we are really after.  It shows us the degree of impact of that thing or condition that is ‘missing’.

Applied to our unique contribution and our living brand this idea is critical – it is the difference maker.  Why? – because what we experience as ‘missing’ is access to that QuintessentialYou quality or characteristic that is of significant importance.  We know it internally and once we recognize it, we are compelled to express it externally.  Allowing exploration and articulation of what our ‘missing’ would provide holds a clue to discovering an aspect of the Blueprint that is the essence of who we are and the contribution that is ours to make.  So…. the answer to the question: If we had it, what would our ‘missing’ provide? ….Now, that is useful!

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