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The Road To Certainty Travels Through UnCertainty

‘The only way around is through’… Robert Frost

We are gluttons for Certainty.  We want to know….. anything, everything and all of it.  We spend a lot of time researching, thinking and figuring out.  Our minds and heads get a good workout everyday.  In a rapidly changing world, we have learned to work around obstacles, divert interruptions and overcome conditions and circumstances.  We’re adept at pushing through and carrying on.  We take it upon ourselves to lick our wounds, pick up our pieces, and in the spirit of Humpty Dumpty, put ourselves back together again.  Good for us, we say.  Kudos to our resilience.

In the wake of all that is happening in the world, I am wondering about Certainty.  Is it a fleeting thing or something we can come to as a way of living?  In the face of all that is literally shifting individually and collectively, is Certainty actually calling us forward, asking us to consider it in a new light?

Is the experience of Certainty really elusive or is it always waiting for us to travel the road to its door?  Does that road demand a willingness to experience what is NOT certain at all?

We each have a fallback position when we are faced with any version of uncertainty.  We retreat.  We rethink.  We retry.  We run.   And we do it time and time again until we can run no more.  The earth shifts.  The tsunami hits.  The revolution cannot turn back.  Now what?

In the face of all that is NOT certain, who are we?  Who can we be?  Can we wade through the chaos to a place of knowing within?  Is the greatest act of courage our willingness to fully feel the chaos, make our way blindly through the confusion and follow the process as it shows up?  Can we travel through unCertainty trusting its path to Certainty?  Be it minute or enormous, can we find that place in our being that can hold the destruction necessary for new creation to emerge?


2 Responses to “The Road To Certainty Travels Through UnCertainty”

  1. Ron Piper says:

    Mmmm … Certainty? Is there such a thing? Isn’t it true that at any second we are receiving 20 bits +/- 5 on information through our senses. How can there be certainty if everything is changing? I guess that’s why when we look at the world we try to see something which is fixed and knowable. It’s the easier option to process and dealing with flux. But that, I think, is the reality. Perhaps the certainty of the world is what’s stored in our subconscious?

  2. Kathy says:

    Ah …we speak of Certainty from different perspectives. I am not speaking of the certainty with-out. I speak of the Certainty with-in. I speak not of information we receive through our senses, but of our experience at the source of what we witness externally. This Certainty begins here with me as the seed of activation. Think juxtaposition of the way we have been taught it all works.

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