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The RealizationOutcome Collaboration

We cannot realize it in thought, that the object…. had really no being at any past moment”… Sir William Hamilton

RealizationOutcome articulates the opportunity of QuintessentialYou For You, With Other, In World.

View the RealizationOutcome graphic here:  The RealizationOutcome of QuintessentialYou

Realization is NOT a goal completed or an achievement reached.  It is NOT  attainment of something thought about, hoped for, or worked toward.  Realization is NOT a singular external condition.

Realization is awareness that creates what we perceive, making it real and concrete.  This perception can be a characteristic, a substance, or an attribute.  It can be a condition, a circumstance, an event or occurrence.  Realization is source of every expression and every tangible outcome.

Outcome is NOT the result of chance, fate or luck.  It is not an accident or coincidence.  Outcome is NOT the end reached through a process of logical thinking.  It is NOT the final product or finite conclusion.

Outcome is the ‘out-come’ – the coming out of what is within.  Outcome is the opportunity of Realization manifested.  It is perfect observable evidence of the state of Realization.  Outcome is no thing in itself.  It is Realization  expressed and perceived by the senses as EveryBody and EveryThing – occurrence, circumstance, event, or condition, attribute, substance, and characteristic.  Outcome is experience and awareness captured and given expression.

RealizationOutcome is the conversion of what is real internally in essence into embodiment externally in expression.  There is no paradox at this juncture.  EveryBody and EveryThing is the perfect expression of  Realization.  The integration is complete.  Separation exists only in externalization itself – the individual expression of the universal state of Realization.

Hence, RealizationOutcome is exquisitely, simply, and impeccably: ‘Realization-Come-Out’. There are no formulaic tasks to complete.  There is Desire.  There is Intention.  There is Realization.  All are available right here and right now in the design of QuintessentialYou. The details for InfiniteFulfillment are the responsibility of universe.  The invitation is acceptance.  Will you accept the invitation?

What is the RealizationOutcome of QuintessentialYou?

How is Realization-Come-Out in the life of You?

What Desire-Intention-Realization are the InfiniteFulfillment of you?

Receive the Invitation.  Accept the Gift of EssenceExpression – allow me to gift you this first element and central core of your QuintessentialYou Blueprint.

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Watch for my next post:  InfiniteFulfillment of QuintessentialYou

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