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The QuintessentialYou Inquiries That Arose

It occurs to me that the best way to explain The QuintessentialYou Inquiries That Arose is not to ‘explain’ them at all.  QuintessentialYou is all about resonance.  ‘Explaining’ seems in opposition – an intellectual pursuit that supplies supporting information and facts versus an invitation for opening to reflection and experience.  The QuintessentialYou Inquiries arose this way.

As I find myself in inquiry about a circumstance or condition in my own life, I have a habit of questioning and leaving the question hanging ‘out there’ in the ethers.  I am expectant that an answer will come but I am not so dependent on what I believe to be my own independent faculties for that solution or resolution I am seeking.  In the spontaneous practice of this  approach, once the answer or resolution does arrive, I tend to be more intrigued by clarification of the original question than by the conclusion provided.  I recognize that this might sound crazy and it is an experience worth trying — a kind of delight, I might say.

I can only share the experience this way:

A thought, idea, concern, consideration or desire takes form.  I recognize and acknowledge it.

I let it go and somehow pay attention all at the same time.

A response to the original thought, idea, concern, consideration or desire shows up.

In the answer there is the original question – clarified.  It is a bit like seeing what the actual request is and how what has shown up in whatever expression is that request’s perfect fulfillment.  Maybe this is why we often feel like we’re not attaining what we desire.  In truth, we’re not present to Desire itself.  We’re not aware of the essence of our actual request!

It is here, in these moments that The QuintessentialYou Inquiries That Arose. Essentially, the Inquiries are the original questions clarified.  Starting with my own miniscule concerns and considerations, when clarified, they literally revealed themselves as the fundamental questions that access who and what and how we are at the level of Blueprint – The QuintessentialYou Blueprint.

The QuintessentialYou Inquiries That Arose spontaneously clarified the questions to ask and yielded the Blueprint elements.  Through intention and attention, each Blueprint element took a name and a place.  As spontaneously as each inquiry and element arose, so too did the The QuintessentialYou Blueprint – the form in which they found individual expression and a universal home.

All The QuintessentialYou Inquiries That Arose are recorded in simple journals that yield each exquisite individual QuintessentialYou Blueprint. Each journal is an individual story and a universal path to you and me.  In my experience, I can’t think of anything more intriguing or any gift more precious.

As Deepak Chopra notes in his book, Power, Freedom and Grace: ‘For one who knows the Self, the limitations of the world disappear.’

Allow me to gift you EssenceExpression – the first element and opening page of your exquisite story.

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You have a standing invitation.  Your opening beyond ‘limitations of the world’ awaits your acceptance.

Watch for my next post:  The QuintessentialYou Distinctions Recognized

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