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The QuintessentialYou Distinctions Recognized

“Your inner self is your innate intelligence; it is Being becoming.  It is your ability to create, to grow, to evolve, to express…..Innate intelligence is spontaneous, intuitive, evolutionary, and whole.  It is the flow of the whole universe acting through you.”…..Deepak Chopra, Power Freedom and Grace

Habit and conditioning figures strongly in our existence.  For the most part, I think we completely forget that each of us experiences life differently from one another.  I have often wondered if when we utter ‘sad’ or ‘happy’, ‘frustrated’ or ‘anxious’…. or whatever emotion we might pick, do we automatically assume that ‘other’ is experiencing the same feeling by virtue of the fact that we are saying the same word?  An interesting consideration…. Our common state of being human does not yield a common experience.  In reading such a statement, it is easy to call it obvious, even ridiculous to mention in its’ factual nature.

Still, we live like this is not so.  Without even considering the diversity of experience, we interact and communicate like what I say will be understood by you in the same way I mean it and it resonates for me.

Equally, in the conversations we have for leadership, learning and development, change and consciousness, we think we have agreement on what is meant by a word or a phrase or a concept.  We rarely, if ever, stop to distinguish what is meant by the words we use and the context in which we employ language.

Most often we take our meaning from cultural and conditioned usage and translations that have grown out of modern writings,  media reports and accounts, and recent films and broadcasts.  I don’t think we realize this until we stop momentarily to consider that it might be true.  And we certainly don’t often recognize that our context for assessing and creating and living life is also influenced and impacted by these constructs…..until we do.

In that moment of recognition, we emphatically, sometimes abruptly pause.  In that moment of recognition, we might wonder whose experience we’re having: our own or the one the world is suggesting we have, our own or the one we are conditioned to think we have to have to ‘make’ it here, our own or someone else’s rule or wish or hope for us.

I live this and argue with it and am challenged by it, no different than you.  And then somehow, perhaps through deliberate listening, words we use everyday and without much consideration began to stop me in my tracks.  In particular, those words and phrases we read and hear over and over again in all the self-help books, personal development programs and workshops, and coaching models.

I’ve read the books, attended the programs, and studied the models myself.  All of them are valuable and all make a significant contribution to conscious evolution.  And my greatest growth came as a result of a promise I made to myself about four or five years ago – that promise was to halt all looking for answers through external means.  At first, I thought this looked like the termination of enrolling in workshops and programs, trying on models and formulated experiments in life.  As time went on, I realized that this promise was more than that.  It was a promise to halt all seeking outside mySelf.  I promised to be in my skin, in my life, in my circumstances.  The QuintessentialYou Distinctions are the result.

In this promise, passion, purpose, being, potential, intention, desire, expression, essence, principle, commitment, realization, outcome, etc…. distinguished themselves.  Full stop.  In this promise, these words transformed.  In this promise, I partnered with the conception of my own life, my own potential and my own QuintessentialYou Blueprint.

Innocently and surprisingly, The QuintessentialYou Distinctions Recognized proved to be universally applicable and individually distinct to EveryBody and EveryThing.  These Distinctions discern Passion, Purpose, Practice, Potential, Intention, Desire, Expression, Essence, Principle, Commitment, Realization, Outcome and more from the Inside out – mine and yours.  These Distinctions originally recognized from within me are now shareable in such a way that you can source your own from within you – QuintessentialYou. Evolvement of what is distinctly you is resonant – always right here, right now available through your structure, your process, your outcome.  Exceptional – no exception.  Forever – full stop.

I invite you to begin.

Discover your QuintessentialYou Blueprint.

Discern the Distinctions that are you and you alone, free of any pre-conceived notions of what you should be, could do, or would have based on something outside yourSelf.


Accept the Gift of EssenceExpression – the central core and first element of The QuintessentialYou Blueprint.

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Realize InfiniteFulfillment of You… For You, With Other, In World.

Is your QuintessentialYou waiting for you to answer the call?

Watch for my next post: The Holographic QuintessentialYou Blueprint Emerged

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