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The QuintessentialYou Blueprint Emerged

In looking back on what I have written over the last thirty posts, I have hopefully accomplished what I set out to do – that is, to share the context, elements, and story that emerged The QuintessentialYou Blueprint. I hope I have peaked your interest in The Blueprint and in You, and that you will join me in the days and weeks to come as I continue to share the Blueprint,  its  Distinctions, and Inquiries that you can try on in your own living.

I also look forward to sharing my own journey and the journey of  those who participate in the QuintessentialYou Conversation as it continues to expand in application.

For today, though, I offer you a picture of The QuintessentialYou Blueprint as it stands:

The QuintessentialYou Blueprint

…And a reminder that it is truly a multi-dimensional, holographic diamond.  As a diamond, exquisiteness, simplicity, and impeccability are its characteristic tenets.  Like a diamond, one movement impacts all facets, influences the light that reflects on each cut and every angle.

QuintessentialYou In Motion

As we proceed, so too, the evolvement of our QuintessentialYou Blueprint, gifting us understanding of our resonant potential, the chance to listen deliberately, and to transform what we say to access Desire.

As our awareness grows and our appreciation takes hold, the dance of duality/paradox fades replaced by integration and the continual birth of that something new.  There is no paradox/duality here.  There is only continual genesis – InfiniteFulfillment of QuintessentialYou……

The first chapter of Genesis, written on an egg.

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2 Responses to “The QuintessentialYou Blueprint Emerged”

  1. Sylvia says:

    Post – QuintessentialYou Blueprint Emerged: THAT! is the coolest! The holographic diamond is exactly my experience of the multi-faceted and multi-dimensional-ness of QYou. With ease and simplicity, I am moved deeper into the knowing, seeing and accepting of who I am – an ever-evolving human. The egg — how quintessentially perfect!

  2. Bobbie says:

    The spinning holographic diamond is just perfect. Knowing the blueprint is holographic has been separate from the experience of my blueprint so far, and now I have a picture, the hologram is complete. Exquisite!

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