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The Practices of QuintessentialYou In Play

View The Practices of QuintessentialYou graphic here:  The Practice of QuintessentialYou

The Practices of QuintessentialYou form the fundamental process of  The QuintessentialYou Blueprint. Holographically connected, the Blueprint expands through the practices in the triad context: You For You, You With Other, You In World.

As The QuintessentialYou Blueprint is revealed, we each increasingly get ourSelf as we are: You for You, with Other, in World.  Looking more closely at this construct, it is the foundation of our humaness.  No matter the choices we take or the roads we choose, our individual and collective growth occurs in this same triad.  Activation of Desire must begin with You for You.  It can only be sourced here through internal visceral experience.  Engaging Desire must travel through You with Other to explore and try on possibility.  It’s fulfillment can only be known against a backdrop of  potential options.  Desire’s Actualization expresses as You in World.   It is application we recognize through form that shows up as evidence in our daily existence and circumstances.

You For You, You With Other, You In World — Inextricably linked and simultaneously impacted, the triad is pulsating eternally as we live life — or perhaps better said, as Life lives each of us.

This triad is the basis of the multi-faceted QuintessentialYou Blueprint. Reminiscent of its diamond structure, the Blueprint crystallizes over time, mined to emerge the exquisiteness, simplicity, and impeccability  of  EveryBody and EveryThing.  You can see the Blueprint here:  The QuintessentialYou Blueprint

As we put The Practices of QuintessentialYou in play, they in turn  invite each of us out to play.  This is an invitation to QuintessentialYou to play in Life – You For You, You With Other, You In World.

Will you accept the invitation?

Will you emerge the exquisiteness, simplicity and impeccability of QuintessentialYou?

Are you ready to meet this You – for You, with Other, in World?

Begin by accepting the Gift of EssenceExpression.  Allow me to gift you this first element and central core of your QuintessentialYou Blueprint.

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Spend some time on my site @QuintessentialYouDesign.com.  Learn more about The QuintessentialYou Blueprint and the experience of ‘The Practices of QuintessentialYou In Play’.

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