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The Paradox Of Polarity

Considering the dictionary meanings of Paradox and Polarity sheds a little humour on our common humanity.  The dictionary says that Paradox means ‘seemingly absurd yet really true’ while Polarity is the ‘presence or manifestation of two opposite or contrasting principles or tendencies.’

Both are true of all of us.  In our blindspot, we can’t see the ‘seemingly absurd yet really true’ characteristics that are part of who we are.  Even as we go through life ‘presencing or manifesting opposite or contrasting principles or tendencies’ that are as much us as the colour of our eyes, we either cannot or don’t want to see the Paradox of our own unique Polarity.

We need this tension.  The contrast is key to our individual and collective development and the very relationship that keeps the essence of who we are evolving and transforming.

LearningYearning, ChallengeGift, SkillCapacity are just a sampling of the polarity elements that make us human and on which our QuintessentialYou Blueprint spins a seeming paradox.  Denial is futile – Acceptance is potent and fruitful!  Collaboration with this tension is the very doorway to fulfillment and genuine contribution.

“The same polarity of the male and female principle exists in nature; not only, as is obvious in animals and plants, but in the polarity of the two fundamental functions, that of receiving and penetrating. It is the polarity of earth and rain, of the river and the ocean, of night and day, of darkness and light, of matter and spirit.”…. Eric Fromm

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