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The Emergent DevelopmentConversation of QuintessentialYou

Emergent: evolving and arising into existence naturally and spontaneously;

‘Emergent’ perfectly and succinctly describes how the DevelopmentConversation of QuintessentialYou came to be.  Of course the exact details of every event or circumstance that presented escape me now but the process itself is clear as it continues to this day.  In a nutshell, living life in inquiry and exploration provides the ground for emergence.  Fixing the circumstances of our lives is completely different than living in inquiry of these same circumstances.  Fixing stems from our judgment that something is wrong and we need to find a way to repair it as fast as we possibly can.  Inquiry and exploration are rooted in presence to what is occurring allowing it to show us for what purpose and lead us forward.

The DevelopmentConversation of QuintessentialYou emerged in the space and time given to the questions, dilemmas, and circumstances of  life.  These conditions include disappointments, struggles, and failures, as well as pleasures, surprises, and successes.  The QuintessentialYou Blueprint and its DevelopmentConversation live in all the forms and expressions of daily existence.  My life, as it turns out, is fodder for this work – a paradox itself to our worldly construct of work being fodder for life.

Always a student of life, even as a very young woman, my tendency was to look at what is behind what is said and what happens in our circumstances and conditions. Still, my orientation was my ‘fix it’, make-it-happen, determined  mental strength.  Then on an ordinary day in 1991, my dad took a fall and in an instant, his life and the life of every member of my family altered.  A spinal cord injury changed my dad’s plans, my mother’s future, and my siblings and my relationship to life.  Looking back, I think this was the defining moment that had me cross the threshold from what is  ‘known’ to what is ‘unknown’, from ‘fix it’ to Mystery.  This single event in all its shock and terror and sadness ultimately catapulted me out of my one dimensional determined, goal directed, I-can-make-it-happen life, successful as it seemed.  It left me certain that there is literally more to life than meets the eye and that paying attention gives us access to what lies behind.

Ten years after my dad’s accident and multiple life experiences later, the DevelopmentConversation came to life.  As it surfaced, I did not see patterns or process or discipline.  I AM the pattern, process and discipline.  The DevelopmentConversation is not made up by me.  The QuintessentialYou Blueprint and its DevelopmentConversation is simply an expression of Essence Emerging Form.  My job is receiving and recording it and now, sharing it with you.  I don’t know what will emerge next and I don’t know what that might bring.  I do know that writing this blog is what’s in front of me right now.  I trust that you will find it both useful and intriguing – enough so that you will journey with me, allow me to share QuintessentialYou, and inspire you to share it with others.

The DevelopmentConversation of QuintessentialYou is progressive.  Each DevelopmentConversation consists of intentional conversations that ultimately complete the form of the QuintessentialYou Blueprint. Called CONSTRUCT – PROSPER – SOURCE, these conversations cover a period of one year – one hour a week on your schedule according to your time availability to intimately know QuintessentialYou. And what difference does that make?  Well, it changes NoThing and makes the difference in EveryThing.  QuintessentialYou, as you always have and always will be is accessed.  That makes a difference to EveryThing.

Be a committment to yourSelf.  Begin by accepting the Gift of EssenceExpression.   Visit www.quintessentialyoudesign.com for details or Contact me @

604.732-7959 or Kathleen@QuintessentialYouDesign.com

Watch for my next post: How The DevelopmentConversation Of QuintessentialYou Works

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