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Realizing Opportunity And Moving On

‘To know the truth you must live the truth, and to live the truth your inner actions must match the actions of your fulfilled desire.  Expectancy and Desire must become one.  Your outer world is only actualized inner movement.’…Neville, Awakened Imagination, 1954

The time has come to move the work of QuintessentialYou Design into a bigger world.

Continually leading its own next expression, this is inspired creative work.  In most recent years, QuintessentialYou Design’s focus has been in the arena of human development.   As this work continues with individuals and small groups committed to their own fulfillment and its expression in the world, new applications have emerged.   These exciting new arenas have QuintessentialYou Design and the QuintessentialYou Blueprint engaged in creative projects and collaborative partnerships committed to fresh ideas and forms realizing opportunity.

With this transforming application comes desire, expectancy and an ‘outer world’ that is evidence of ‘actualized inner movement.’  Hence, this is the final post on this site singularly devoted to the human development work of QuintessentialYou Design.  All previous posts will be accessible in the archives on the upcoming new site.

The new site matches the movement – expansion of the work of QuintessentialYou Design and the QuintessentialYou Blueprint as it applies to the creative architecture of people, projects, and partnerships.

With a new look and an expanded focus, I look forward to meeting you through the applications we mutually generate for the fulfillment of quintessential you and quintessential me.

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