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Project You – Your Greatest Contribution!

‘New life conditions on our planet require us to shift every function in the living system, causing activation of our own ‘genius code’ – our unique creativity – a design which resides deeper in our body/mind, perhaps even in our yet unused DNA, and in the emergent potential of evolution – in order to produce the capacities and consciousness we need to meet the challenges ahead.’…. Barbara Marx Hubbard, Emergence: The Shift From Ego To Essence

We are very busy in our world today.  Some of us are busy making it.  Others are busy doing good.  Some of us are studying while others are building.  There are those concerned with science and technology while their contemporaries explore the arts.  Some seek justice as others search for keys to economic stability and prosperity.  Individuals and groups declare the need for new approaches to environment, governance, communication, health and education.  There are a plethora of problems and a smorgasbord of arguments for resolution.  We look out and see what we think needs fixing.  We observe where correction is required.  We analyze.  We plan.  We implement.  We work hard.  We miss our most important project and the potential of our most profound contribution – ourSelf.

The work of Self is not busy.  It is not a project for improvement or change.  It does not require hard labor or hours of doing.  Beginning from a premise of perfection, ‘Project You’ is a courageous commitment to fulfillment of the promise that is each one of us.  It is a process of inquiry – exploration – discovery to shed what is not essential for the emergence of what is quintessential in each one of us.  The task is one of revealing what is elemental to every human being, distinguishing these elements, and emerging their always present yet waiting latent potential into visible form.

Why is Project You so intensely critical?  The answer lies in two fundamental factors.  One is obvious.  The second, though less apparent, is crucial.  For sake of conversation, we might categorize these two factors as external and internal, as expression and essence.

Let’s look first at external Expression.  This is where we humans spend most of our time and effort.  We observe a circumstance, condition or event and react to it.  Something happens to us.  If we like it, we pursue conditions that guarantee its re-occurrence.  If it is disturbing in some way, we investigate the cause and establish measures that we hope will prevent repetition.  In the case of larger scale familial, community, organizational or global issues, we institute calls to action and activism.  Wherever we are, there is some version of chaos and crisis calling for attention.  We live in a world filled with news that initiates fear, concern and a call to do something.  So we get busy and we get at it.  We do the best we know how to do.  We use history and experience to guide us and to prevent past mistakes we have made ourselves or witnessed others making.  We chip away at these problems with fervor to make a difference and repair the situation at hand.

Internal Essence extends a definitively different invitation.  We humans spend less time and effort in this exploration.  Collectively, we are much less likely to consider our own patterns in relationship to the circumstances, conditions and events of our external environment.  We react because we yearn for resolution.  Yet we have not been trained to look within, to listen and distinguish our exquisite internal architecture that holds the new beginning we crave.  It is not yet our common practice to inquire and explore our essential structure and collaborate with it to bring forth from within the very solutions we seek out here.  For this accomplishment, we are called to use life to understand who we are and gain access to the inherent knowing that is our authentic contribution to make.

This contribution lives at the most subtle level of our being.  It is fulfillment of deepest, purest desire that we sense and may not recognize or be able to instantaneously articulate.  Regardless of our level of awareness, it is there.  It is our innate, natural project for which we are impeccably designed.  There is just one requirement.  We must choose the journey and give ourSelf over to discovery.  Rather than busyness, we must find our version of stillness and quiet while simultaneously staying in relationship with each other and our world.  Above all, we must abandon what we already know for evolution of a new internal knowing that emerges this resonant potential and its quintessential form.  Each of us is the one – the only one – who has the capacity to carry out this individual contribution.  We are made for it.  We need every quintessential one of us.  The world is waiting.

Can we count you in?  Will you embrace Project You in service to emergence of your quintessential contribution?

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