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Practise Opportunity Seized

“When the opportunity or impulse is there .. ACT”….The Secret

View the Opportunity Seized graphic here:  The QuintessentialYou Practice Of Opportunity Seized

The QuintessentialYou Practice of Opportunity Seized is imperative.  Opportunity Seized asks, “What’s been recognized?”.  In this essential practice, what is seen is distinguished and acknowledged.  This recognition has us know opportunity through both our experience and our intelligence.  When Opportunity Seized is eminent, though Desire’s form may still be intangible, it is obvious.  At the same time, Desire’s essence is palpable.  For conditions to access openings, attention must be applied.  This juncture resists hesitation and ambivalence.  Fulfillment and accomplishment are at stake.  The time is now.  Through the Opportunity Seized inquiry, “What’s been recognized?”, we move and advance through presence and a sense of urgency.  Opportunity Seized makes ‘I’m active’ compulsory for InfiniteFulfillment.

Opportunity Seized is advancing and demanding.  It does not wait for our timing or the working out of tasks and to-do lists.  Opportunity Seized is different from pursuing or ‘finding’ opportunity.  It has its own agenda – its own rhythm.  In Opportunity Seized, compelling instinct and expanding ability to recognize what is being revealed set the pathway for  actualization.

Opportunity Seized is energetic.  It is the QuintessentialYou practice that infuses us and leads us to Desire.  In the face of Opportunity Seized, ”I’m active’ secures InfiniteFulfillment.

We produce in Opportunity Seized.

What might be recognized by you?

What accomplishment would Opportunity Seized impact for you?

Meet QuintessentialYou – Secure your InfiniteFulfillment.

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Watch for my next post …. and the final Practice of QuintessentialYou

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