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Practise Gratitude Expressed

View the Gratitude Expressed graphic here:  The QuintessentialYou Practice of Gratitude Expressed

The QuintessentialYou Practice of Gratitude Expressed is called for. Gratitude Expressed asks, “What’s shown up?”.  In this appreciative practice, what appears is received and celebrated.  The culmination of Desire’s evolution through The Practices of QuintessentialYou has actualization present and our individual experience of fulfillment materialized.  With this evidence and a celebratory environment,  completion is absolute.  Desire has sustained its expectant journey and  birthing is witnessed.  Enjoyment and savouring are primary now.  Desire’s germination is full.  We cherish giving and receiving.  Appreciation is obvious.  Joy is generated and shared.  Through the Gratitude Expressed inquiry, “What’s shown up?”, we confirm rightness and pleasure in what is.  Gratitude Expressed proclaims ‘I’m done’ and celebrates InfiniteFulfillment.

Gratitude Expressed is accepting and sufficient.  It does not ask for more or better or different.  Gratitude Expressed is clear and whole and satisfied.  It is fully contained in and of itself.  In Gratitude Expressed, actualization is here and now in this expression.

Gratitude Expressed is restful.  It is the QuintessentialYou practice that Desire craves and relishes.  In Gratitude Expressed, ”I’m done’ expands InfiniteFulfillment.

We celebrate in Gratitude Expressed.

What has shown up for you?

What would Gratitude Expressed materialize for you?

Meet QuintessentialYou – Expand your InfiniteFulfillment.

Gratitude Expressed culminates the nine Practices of QuintessentialYou.  The journey through these practices has each of us discern our own innate process from Desire through Gratitude Expressed.   Our being human ensures both our common journey and our individual expression along this journey.  Our inherent practices are no different – we go the way of our humanity and simultaneously, travel the one and only road we can – our own.

What are your natural practices?  What are the touchstone elements that make up your QuintessentialYou Blueprint?

Spend time on my site @ www.QuintessentialYouDesign.com.  Learn about the QuintessentialYou Blueprint. Accept the Gift of EssenceExpression – Allow me to gift you the experience of this first element and central core of your own Blueprint.

Watch for my next post …. Putting The Practices of QuintessentialYou In Play

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