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Practise Desire

“Man is a creation of desire, not a creation of need.”…Gaston Bachelard, French Scientist, Philosopher, Literary Theorist

View the Desire graphic here:   The QuintessentialYou Practice of Desire

The QuintessentialYou Practice of Desire is essential.  Desire asks, “What’s not perfect?”.  In the absence of perfection, we experience lack and see evidence of deficiency.  In the presence of these, Desire emerges the Essence of that which would be perfect.  Acknowledging “‘What’s not perfect”, we discern  ‘I want’.

Desire is implicit and infinite.  It is distinct from choice.  Choice is explicit and finite, assuming preference between options.  Desire informs choice.  Unconsciously or consciously, we make choices that are expressions of fundamental Desire fulfilled.

Desire is experienced inside oneSelf.  Desire emerges independently, instinctively, viscerally and sometimes, surprisingly.  It assumes affinity among variations.  Desire requires exploration and recognition, willingness and attention to allow for collaboration of complementary possibilities and fulfillment.  Realized through a multitude of available choices or combination of choices, The Desire  of QuintessentialYou is a summons to InfiniteFulfillment.

We are called to surrender to Desire.

What’s not perfect For You?

To what is Desire calling you to surrender?

Meet QuintessentialYou – Answer your summons to InfiniteFulfillment.

Watch for my next post …. and the next Practice of QuintessentialYou

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