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Practise Being Observant

View the Being Observant graphic here:  The QuintessentialYou Practice of Being Observant

The QuintessentialYou Practice of Being Observant is active.  Asking “What could be explored?”,  this attentive practice has us focus on what arises while we are Being At Ease.  That which surfaces affords us a fresh view of opportunity that previously we may have ignored.  The Being Observant inquiry, “What could be explored?”, has us sustain ‘I’m noticing’ to see inside prospects and openings previously hidden or obscure.

‘Noticing’ through the lens of a new context inspires broader perspective and seeing.  We pay attention differently to what might have been neglected or declined in the past.

Being Observant is responsive.  It is distinct from reaction and manipulation.  Being Observant does not push options or force circumstances.  The state of  Being Observant sharpens awareness and deepens perception beyond what is already known and integrated into the way we experience and create our existence.  In Being Observant, the conditions for watching InfiniteFulfillment are strengthened.

Being Observant sets up our ‘noticing’ of InfiniteFulfillment.

We grow and develop through Being Observant.

What could be explored by you?

What would Being Observant have you understand newly?

Meet QuintessentialYou – Notice your InfiniteFulfillment.

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Watch for my next post …. and the next Practice of QuintessentialYou

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