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Practise Being At Ease

View the Being At Ease graphic here:  The QuintessentialYou Practice of Being At Ease

Cumulating Activation practices: Desire, Specificity, Certainty, we prepare for Engaging.  Through the Engaging Practices, we choose, notice, and listen for the emergence of what could be explored with respect to Desire.

The QuintessentialYou Practice of Being At Ease is, as you might imagine, ‘relaxed’.  Being At Ease asks, “What’s not being explored?”.  In this practice, what is not being given consideration has space to surface.  This space prepares and lays the ground for new and original revelations that interrupt old, familiar tactics and patterns.  As options arise, the  Being At Ease inquiry, “What’s not being explored?”, has us initiate “I’m choosing’ from what is being revealed.

This ‘choosing’ is worth pondering for a moment. Remembering that The Practices of QuintessentialYou are cumulative, the process of choosing comes on the heels of internal Certainty – ‘I know’.  This choosing is done with the knowing of one’s touchstone experience of Certainty.  This choosing is sourced from inside versus outside oneSelf.

Being At Ease is inclusive and reflective.  It is distinct from precision and planning.  Being At Ease does not restrict possibility or limit potential.  In the state of  Being At Ease, opening, acceptance, and novelty take precedence over strict adherence to habit and routine.  Being At Ease provides space for a new context and spontaneous options.

Though each one is different, your experience of Being At Ease and mine is the doorway to our individual process of ‘choosing’ InfiniteFulfillment.

We are created for Being At Ease.

What’s not being explored by you?

What new context or option would Being At Ease offer you?

Meet QuintessentialYou – Choose your InfiniteFulfillment.

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Watch for my next post …. and the next Practice of QuintessentialYou

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