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Practise Attending To Intuition

“When you have an inspired thought, you must trust it and act on it….When the voice and vision on the inside become more profound and clear than the opinions on the outside, then you have mastered your life.”…..The Secret

View the Attending To Intuition graphic here:  The QuintessentialYou Practice of Attending To Intuition

The QuintessentialYou Practice of Attending To Intuition is quiet.  Asking “What’s being heard?”,  this internal practice has us turn to visceral messages and experiential responses.  Distinct from weighing and evaluating, Attending To Intuition has us following instinct in support of engaging Desire.  In the inquiry of this practice, “What’s being heard?” , we turn inward for answers and the actions to take.  In the capacity to hear, these internal messages are honoured and heeded.

‘Listening’, we are guided by intuition, sensing that a universal intelligence  is literally telling us what is required for what we truly Desire.  Now we can hear the internal messages that have always been available to us, though not always received with faith and definitiveness.

Attending To Intuition is powerful.  It is distinct from heeding logic or adhering to rules and steps for achievement.  Attending To Intuition does not necessarily follow protocol, the constructs of  others or the world ,  as we have come to expect them.  Attending To Intuition confirms our knowing and our connection to universal intelligence, and its availability to each and every one of us when we allow it to speak and be heard.  Attending To Intuition, we are present and InfiniteFulfillment is evident.

Attending To Intuition, we honour InfiniteFulfillment.

We gain access by Attending To Intuition.

What’s being heard by you?

Where and to what would Attending To Intuition lead you?

Meet QuintessentialYou – Honour your InfiniteFulfillment.

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