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Living InfiniteFulfillment

As I close in on a month of initiating this blog and completion of setting context for QuintessentialYou and The QuintessentialYou Blueprint, I have been thinking a lot about how I might share the inquiries that yield the Blueprint.  I want to share them in a useful way.  Though it is impossible to facilitate each individual or group’s QuintessentialYou Blueprint through this writing, it is totally possible to offer a version of the series of inquiries that sourced the Blueprint and ultimately have it take form.  That is a journey I’d love to have you take with me.

Somedays, I wish I had a scientific, logical explanation for this phenomenon and I don’t.  I have the inquiries that arose, the distinctions they had me see, and the Blueprint that emerged as outcome of InfiniteFulfillment.

Conscious of it or not, we are always living this InfiniteFulfillment. Not conscious, we miss the exquisiteness, simplicity and impeccability of existence.  Conscious, we participate and collaborate with it, cherishing and savouring EveryBody and EveryThing as InfiniteFulfillment.

Like all the readings and books, it sounds wonderful and if we’re ready, we intuitively understand and yearn for this InfiniteFulfillment experience.  Living it, however, cannot be done through someone else’s life or story or words of advice.  It is available only through our individual existence, our individual story and the words resonant in the Quintessential design of who we each are.  No exception.

Being human, I do not always do this easily or willingly.  On many occasions and through longer periods than I want to recall, I have done this living InfiniteFulfillment kicking and screaming and wondering if I am losing my grip on this existence and life as we know it in this world of ours.  Still, even on those days when I beg for my circumstances to change or the conditions of my life to move to my way of thinking and imagining they should be, I remain compelled to follow this mysterious path.  It is wild really, because it is not what I expected for my life at anytime that I can remember and yet, I know somewhere deep inside of me that this is my Quintessential opportunity – my InfiniteFulfillment. Every step of the way, I am learning that the EternalNow is the design around which the architecture of me takes form….. and what pleasure!  –  the revelation of those hidden elements that make me Me.

This is Living InfiniteFulfillment. It is nothing more glamorous than this and it is the most exquisite possibility of our earthly existence.  Everyday it asks for our individual collaboration.  Everyday it provides perfect circumstances and impeccable conditions…..no exception.

There is only you and only me Living InfiniteFulfillment …..and the possibility of mastering our perfect individual EternalNow.

Watch for my next post: The QuintessentialYou Inquiries That Arose

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