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Is Your Heart Following Principles Or Steering Drivers?

Each individual QuintessentialYou Blueprint brings together polarities that we unknowingly hold within us.  These polarities are fundamental to who we are.  As our Blueprint elements are revealed, we gain a view of the relationship between these polarities.  In articulating them, we open the door to understanding and integrating them as a part of ourSelf.  When this integration occurs, it impacts three perspectives on who we are: ‘You For You, You With Other, You In World’.

This holding of polarity is common to our humanity and it is experienced differently in each one of us.  We can’t eliminate the existence of these push-pull elements nor would we want to.  Despite our eternal attempt to trade what we dislike for what we pursue in support of peace and pleasure, we require both to grow, expand and come to know ourSelf intimately.

Just as we have Intentions and Wants, we have Principles and Drivers that form a set of truths we hold about life and beliefs we hold about ourselves.  These truths and beliefs play a part in sourcing our experience of life, influencing the actions we take, and creating our circumstances in the world.  In the QuintessentialYou Blueprint, this element is named PrincipleDriver.

The Driver aspect of this element captures the beliefs we hold about ourselves.  These beliefs motivate us to make choices that are NOT conscious.  They are appropriately named Drivers because they push us and become more intense when we are disturbed or disrupted and focused on fixing circumstances.  Drivers are expressed differently in every human being.  When and how they show up is much more common.  They are typically present when things are not going the way we want.  Hence, we react and determine some finite result that we are convinced will repair the unwelcome condition or predicament in which we find ourselves.  The fix is always designed to get rid of the current circumstance and replace it with what we believe will forward what we want.  With a certain and sustained push which is often an automatic reaction, we unwittingly commit to a solution and force its result.  Sound familiar?

On the other end of the spectrum, the Principle aspect of this element captures the truths we hold about life.  These inspire us to make choices that are conscious.  They are appropriately named Principles because they call us forward and are experienced when we are reflective and quiet, observant of our circumstances and open to the opportunities they offer.  Like their Driver partner, Principles are expressed differently in every human being.  Though we may not be aware of it, we are acting from Principles when our desires are being met.  Hence, we respond versus react, opportunities expand, and through open-ended infinite evolvement, we find ourselves fulfilling our most cherished intentions.  With thoughtful presence, we allow space and time for emergence of right expression and perfect form.  What will you witness?

The integration of Driver and Principle forms the PrincipleDriver element of the QuintessentialYou Blueprint.

What would have to be true about life for you to consistently live in Principle and fulfill your intention?  What about life has you move from Driver and NOT fulfill you intention?

2 Responses to “Is Your Heart Following Principles Or Steering Drivers?”

  1. Ron Piper says:

    Isn’t it amazing that those strange behaviours that niggle and annoy us do in some small way get us what we want. We should focus on getting what we want by behaving in ways that are more congruent with ourselves. If we practise this on a daily basis we can at least begin the journey to become something beautiful.

  2. Kathy says:

    Ron ~ thanks so much for your sharing your perspective. How do you practise behaving in ways that have you more congruent with yourSelf?

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