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Intention & Want-The Power of IntentionWant

“Intentions compressed into words enfold magical power.”….Deepak Chopra

In the world of human development and consciousness, we hear much about the power of living from intention and the importance of diminishing our attachment to worldly constructs and physical form.  Certainly, we have witnessed both personal and global conditions and circumstances that confirm the wisdom of these suggestions.  From economics to politics, from community action to international relations, from family dynamics to workplace collaboration, there are few arenas in life where we can say that we have not seen that attachment and drive can turn into overdrive and doggedness.  Likely none of us would deny or dispute this.  Given almost any circumstance, we would choose the ease of intention over strict objective and the surprise in surrender over definitive attachment.

Still, we live here in this world in this human physical form surrounded by people, circumstances and things that capture our imagination and our want.  Want is as real and constant in our human experience as is our innate nature to create and develop.  Our intentions and our wants may seem all bundled together and pretty obvious to us until we take a moment to untangle them and look at the two through a new lens.

In doing so, we re-presence the words we use, recognizing that our current understanding is often given by cultural and social constructs and conditioning that have altered their original meanings and usage.

Consider IntentionWant:

Intention: aim that guides action

Want: absence or deficiency of something viewed as requisite

IntentionWant: guided action in the experience of absence or deficiency

Intentions we are present to and can articulate are given by an array of environmental conditions – our history, social conditions, family, education, etc….  These intentions are a likely  attempt to satisfy those underlying paradoxes that make up our OpportunityPotential discussed in my 2009/07/05 post.  No doubt, these intentions are an effort to satisfy an aim or a lack: our Learning OR our Yearning, our Challenge OR Gift, our Skill OR Capacity.  We’re left perpetually choosing or focussing on one or the other.

Even as Intentions become clear and we make our best commitment to them, our humaness has what we Want persist.  I am not speaking of miniscule ‘wants’ here.  I am referring to those essential paradoxical Wants that stubbornly shadow our best Intentions, pulling us to their end of the IntentionWant continuum.  Both are integral elements of the  QuintessentialYou Blueprint.  Both are influencing and impacting each one of us continually.  To distinguish their relationship is to know QuintessentialYou.

When we source IntentionWant through the lens of each OpportunityPotential element, (see 2009/07/05 post) we distinguish three fundamentally linked IntentionWants: You For You, You With Other, You In World. These three complete the CONCEIVE Inquiry Series and the foundation of the QuintessentialYou Blueprint.  This IntentionWant triad is not random.  It is not made up.  It is sourced by you from a place of resonance that you and only you know through the experience of QuintessentialYou. It is an essential part of the design of InfiniteFulfillment for you alone.  Revelation of this IntentionWant triad  emerges a foundation for ourSelf,  provides a context for effortless expansion with other, and  generates application for our contribution in the world.  This IntentionWant triad is tied to the passion and purpose of the  QuintessentialYou Blueprint we each are.

Are you ready to source clarity for yourSelf?  Are you prepared to know yourSelf intimately?  Are you willing to honour the QuintessentialYou that you are?

As always, I invite you to keep travelling with me on this writing journey  as I share the elements of the QuintessentialYou Blueprint. Please do pass along your comments and your questions.  CONCEIVE your own Blueprint.  The QuintessentialYou Blueprint ………….Join the conversation.

Watch for tomorrow’s post: Development & Conversation: The DevelopmentConversation of QuintessentialYou

One Response to “Intention & Want-The Power of IntentionWant”

  1. Sylvia says:

    It always amazes me that when I become aware of an internal struggle, I am usually flip/flopping back and forth in the either/or-ness of an action to take to ‘fix’ some situation that I think is wrong. In seeing the back & forth of it through my intention/wants, I become present to ‘right’ action and movement occurs almost on its own….often in a direction not seen and with an ease that makes the initial struggle seem quite humorous in hindsight.

    My experience of intention/wants it that they ground me in the here and now reminding me of the truth… either/or is a painful place to hang out.

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