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InfiniteFulfillment Week 6/52 Check-In: Experience Attending To Intuition

I have spent the last few days in hospital caring for my Mom.  As I sat being with her  I noticed how very quiet mind is when love is present.  In the moments between attending to what she needs, the internal practice of Attending To Intuition was present and absolute.  To put it into words, one would have to say it asks, ‘What’s being heard?’  That’s my question, ‘What’s being heard?’.  How often do we ask ourselves that question and have the presence and patience to turned inward, listening to visceral messages and responses.  How often do we heed intuition and follow instinct?

In my own experience these past few days, I have come to appreciate this gift of Intuition that we each experience in our own unique and precious way.  In terms of my own QuintessentialYou Blueprint, in the circumstances of the last few days, my Gift with Other has not only been alive, it has been acknowledged, most importantly serving as my reminder of what is possible and who I AM with other.  That is rich in the face of anything!

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3 Responses to “InfiniteFulfillment Week 6/52 Check-In: Experience Attending To Intuition”

  1. Ron Piper says:

    But intuition comes to us as a result of an experience. Can we intuit without something or somebody being close to us, or an event having happened to us? I would say not. We exist only in relation. The love that we intuitively feel flows out of connection. My question is ‘Is my love proof of who and what I am?’

  2. Sylvia says:

    For me… our human experiences and relationships alone cannot account for the ‘intuitive’ feelings we have. We are ‘in relation’ to/with Universe…creation/creator… whatever name we give it, we are in relationship to/with this – always and all ways. This is where I think intuition lives and we open ourselves to it. My question is “how do I hear my intuition more clearly?’

  3. Kathleen says:

    I love Deepak Chopra’s reference to Intuition in his book, The Path To Love: ‘…this is a private communication between self and Self.’

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