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InfiniteFulfillment Week 5/52 Check-In: What’s The Experience of Being Observant?

I had a circumstance throw me this week.  It raised my concerns and fears.  In the grip of it, I was totally aware that I was in the grip of it!  It got me just the same.  When I finally came back from wherever I was, I realized that my upset had less to do with What’s here for me and much more to do with what might be here for me someday in the future.  I know this is nothing new.  I know we who are interested and engaged in a consciousness conversation have heard and perhaps explored the power of living in this ‘Now’ free from our thoughts and crazy-making fears.  … And…. reading and hearing about Being and Presence and practicing day to day, moment to moment, are very different propositions.

Being Observant is Now.  How can Being Observant be anything but ‘Now’?  I either am or I am not observant in this moment.  It is elegant – There is ‘nothing missing/nothing extra’ when I am simply Being Observant.   ‘How’ I am with my circumstance allows my noticing or it doesn’t.  In reaction, I leave me and I leave ‘here’.  Being Observant, I ask….

What’s here for me?

QuintessentialYou invites you to discover your Blueprint – Begin with your EssenceExpression – Discover your quintessential ‘How’ and ‘What’.

3 Responses to “InfiniteFulfillment Week 5/52 Check-In: What’s The Experience of Being Observant?”

  1. Ron Piper says:

    Nothing is here for me. What is ‘here’ is my collision with and experience of what ever it is that exists independently of me. The only thing that is real is what I create through my interaction. Being in the moments is a hackneyed expression; however, it does serve to illustrate or at best come close to describing that moment out of time when perception and object cohere and coalesce and become the ‘here’

  2. Sylvia says:

    Finally have a computer … at least for a few days. Have been able to catch up a little on what’s been posted over the past while. Hi Ron…. nice to meet you 🙂 Great comment . . “. . . ‘here’ is my collision with and experience of whatever it is that exists.” I am curious, though, about the ‘independent of me’ part. If all things are only extensions of the stuff we are made of, then it is only our perception of separation that has it appear to be independent. The object IS our perception…..so we are always ‘here’.

  3. Kathleen says:

    We could look at it in juxtaposition – EveryThing is here for me. All that is … serving the awakening of consciousness AS me. An expansive perspective of humanity – individually and collectively. With this perspective, ‘what’s here’ now, in this moment provides an experience of life that is rich, complete, and deserving of full attention!

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