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InfiniteFulfillment Week 21/52 Check-In: What Is Authentically Yours To Accomplish?

What is authentically mine to accomplish?

Fulfillment and freedom are authentically mine to accomplish…..and yours.  This fulfillment and freedom is in the unique design of each one of us.  Hence, it is articulated and expressed distinctly through life experience, activity and circumstance.

Our collective task is collaboration with every expression, regardless of how it shows up.

My individual task is surrender to what is in integrity with me, my only access to being paid well for living life.

This surrender is not trite or invented.  It is innate.  It is what the essence of me calls forward.  It is imperative to the fulfillment and freedom of what is fundamental to quintessential me.  Revelation comes in part from awareness of my history – my story, and its impact on me.  It is there in what I remember and how I experience what I remember.  It informs the commitment that I am.  It lives also in what I desire and my capacity to surrender to the very core – the essence of that desire versus any singular version of its expression.

The magic is in the revelation of what is authentically mine and yours to accomplish.  It is registered within, waiting for our individual recognition and acknowledgment… waiting to do its part in the expansion of each individual life.

Discover your Blueprint – Articulate what is authentically yours to accomplish.  Reveal the key to this very accomplishment.

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