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InfiniteFulfillment Week 18/52 Check-In: What Truths & Beliefs Compete For Your Recognition & Acceptance?

What truths & beliefs compete for my recognition & acceptance?

I would sum up the truths and beliefs that compete for my recognition and acceptance as my personal versions of three polarities common to our humanity.

The first truth/belief competition is recognized in the pull between the essence of life at large and me.  Life is Universal – I am Individual.  When I am thrown by circumstances and conditions, yearning for cooperation with my plans, I forget that Life is Universal and experience ‘I am Individual’ as  personal to me.

The second truth/belief that competes for my recognition and acceptance appears most often in relationships…. with things, with people, with EveryBody and EveryThing I hold as ‘other’.  Life is Integrating – I am Separating.  When I am upset or challenged by something or someone, I  resist that Life is Integrating and react with ‘I am Separating’ in an effort to isolate and segregate myself from who and what emerges.

The third truth/belief competition shows up in my world, in the actions I take and the things that are important to me.  Life is Perfect – I am Flawed.  If I hold that I am arbritrary – not the source – to my conditions, circumstances, and things, I overlook the exquisiteness, simplicity, and impeccability inherent in every form evident in my world.

Though each of us express the truths and beliefs that compete for our recognition and acceptance differently, they exist in this triad: You For You, You With Other, You In World.

They are elements of our individual QuintessentialYou Blueprint and representative of the EssenceExpression we each are.  Subscribe to InfiniteFulfillment – Discover yours.

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