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InfiniteFulfillment Week 17/52 Check-In: Take Action For YourSelf~Take Action For Haiti

What pure Desire is magnetizing the Essence & Expression of me?

As I lived our InfiniteFulfillment question this week, the earthquake hit Haiti.  In Canada, we saw our governor general weep openly for her homeland.  People and governments rallied to begin the effort it will take first, to rescue and then to rebuild.

I could sit back and render myself helpless, watch the news and hope and pray for those people far from where I live.  Or, I can quietly listen in for that pure Desire that is magnetizing Essence and Expression of me to take this moment’s form.  Though I may not be continually present to it, I recognize the Desire that all the world’s inhabitants have abundance and prosperity in living, in community, in contribution.

I can respond to this Desire in my own small and quiet way.  From this perspective of pure Desire, I invite you to take action for yourSelf.  Beginning, proceeding, or completing – wherever you are in the process of discovery of your QuintessentialYou Blueprint, I invite you to take the next small step.  When you do, QYou will step with you.  Between now and the middle of February, we will donate 20% of every fee for service to a registered charity working for Haiti relief.

‘The magic of consciousness is that the more individualized we become, the more universalized is our perspective on life. In other words, the more I am my (true!) self, the more I can see myself as you. There is only One Self and we are all part of It’…Alan Oken, Author & Speaker, Teacher & Lecturer: Astrological and Metaphysical Studies

Take action for YourSelf ~ Take action for Haiti.

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