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InfiniteFulfillment Week 16/52 Check-In: What Is The Offering You Bring To Every Circumstance?

What is the offering I bring to every circumstance?

I lived that question this week.  I listened to what was being said in my environment and activities and I watched what showed up around me.  No matter my very human changes in disposition or my movement from concern and worry to contentment and peace, I am there – wherever I go, in whatever circumstance arises.

So what do I bring to every condition?  I am – we each are – fulfillment in every event and circumstance.  If I was languaging what I consistently bring, what would it be?  What would others say I bring?  In touch with that place inside that is quintessential me, I have access to this eternal and constant offering.  What is that constancy?  It stands in combination with all the elements that make us who we are – part of our essential Self and the wisdom we each embody.

Is it integrity?  Presence?  Validation?  Insight?  Goodness?  Is this offering in the light or hiding in the proverbial dark?  Whatever it is, it is distinguishable for each one of us.  My cells resonate and settle in integrity.

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