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InfiniteFulfillment Week 1/52 Check-In: What Is The Experience Of Desire?

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Now, back to Week 1’s InquiryExploration –

Checking in, Surrender is present for me – What’s present For You?

In Living this InquiryExploration as I go about my days,  the thing that strikes me most is my musing: ‘What Is The Experience Of Desire?’  I think this speaks directly into Ron Piper’s comment, Perhaps this desire should have the status of a proper noun: it seems so vitally important.’ This question: ‘What Is The Experience Of Desire?’ can be heard a couple of ways:

  • What is meant by ‘The Experience Of Desire’?
  • Standing in Desire, what is Its experience?

With the Experience of Desire distinguished as the receiving, absorbing, and participating with feeling, ‘What Is The Experience Of Desire?’ becomes an intriguing question.  Desire is a proper noun.  Its Experience must be Patience!  An elemental part of the QuintessentialYou Blueprint we each are, Desire patiently awaits Surrender – our Surrender to the experience of our intrinsic Desire.  This Desire is our individual inherent state of happiness.  In Deepak Chopra’s words in Power Freedom and Grace: ‘The more we live in the state of happiness, the more we experience the spontaneous fulfillment of desire in the form of synchronicity and meaningful coincidence.’ Our experience of this Desire is individual and unique.

The Desire of my own QuintessentialYou Blueprint has been very present for me in this InquiryExploration.  I notice that I spend time wishing and hoping for my intrinsic Desire versus surrendering fully to the experience of It. I intimately know and love the Desire I AM.  When I am present to it, my experience is delicious and yet… It awaits my full surrender!

If you have distinguished your QuintessentialYou CommitmentDesire, look there for your elemental intrinsic Desire: CommitmentDesire In The QuintessentialYou Blueprint.

This fundamental Desire informs all our wants and choices, whether we know it or not.  If you haven’t revealed your Blueprint, the invitation to begin with discovering your EssenceExpression stands.  It is a gift.  The only cost to you is an hour of your time in person or by telephone.

Until next week’s Inquiry, back to this week’s exploration……

What Desire do I experience?

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