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InfiniteFulfillment Week 13/52 Check-In: What Do You Love About Your EssenceExpression?

Here are four answers to this week’s InfiniteFulfillment inquiry – four people represented by their EssenceExpression and their relationship to it:

QuietLuxury….I love Luxury that is Quiet … nothing ostentatious in person or thing.  Understated and subtle yet stunningly beautiful and profound, the kind of depth and profundity that can be found only in silence.  I love the deep and expansive stillness that is the Quiet essence inside me and the exquisite, simple, impeccable expression of Luxury that it provides outside me.

CertainDistinctive …I love things that are a little different and that suit me whether or not that would be a popular choice with the rest of the world.  Certain Distinctive is “one of a kind”.  I don’t have to be the best or the brightest or the fastest in comparison to others.  When I know – in my bones, know – that something is right for me regardless of others’ opinions, that is the path I follow.  It is intuitive rather than rational.

CreativeImagination is the place that I embody and feel whole.  I love that I am CreativeImagination for mySelf and for all I come in contact with.

SensualSophistication is the core of my being.  It is how I experience and see the world — highly aware and attuned.  I love my deeply personal relationship to and connection between internal experience and external circumstances.  I love that SensualSophistication is the wisdom from which I am compelled to move and trust outcomes — always.

What do I love about what I love?

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