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InfiniteFulfillment Week 12/52 Check-In: In Being Human, What Is Elemental?

Essence and Expression are elemental in being human.  Encompassing multiple factors in our collective and individual make up, Essence and Expression infinitely merge ‘how’ and ‘what’ we are.

At once inescapable and exquisite, the characteristics and qualities in our nature are inherently linked to what we love about what we love.  Undistinguished, Essence and Expression can be experienced as the push-pull of our existence.  Distinguished, their link makes sense of EveryThing – the choices we make, what we are drawn to and what is drawn to us.  This impeccable elemental pairing is experienced as the very core of who we are and what is available to us.  It is elegant magnetism embodied and evolving as you and me and EveryBody.

What is elemental in being human?

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