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InfiniteFulfillment Week 10/52 Check-In: What Is The Quintessence Of You?

In living the question: ‘What is the Quintessence of me?’ over this past week, the nature of Quintessence caught my attention.  Quintessence is both static and dynamic – the elegant design and state of who we each are and the evolvement of this design/state – structure – through time and space.  Isn’t this at the very heart of the human condition and experience?

I love! this notion of Quintessence.  It makes sense to me at a visceral level.  As the extracted pure essential part of EveryBody and EveryThing, at the level of Quintessence, there is nothing to add and nothing to take away.  It IS.  I AM.  The genesis of who we each are and the evolvement of who we are is one and the same.

To me, the beauty of this is awe-inspiring – Discovery and InfiniteFulfillment of my Quintessence and yours through time and space……makes me tingle!

Back to this week’s question – our living question:

What is the Quintessence of me?

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