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How The DevelopmentConversation of QuintessentialYou Works

The  Development Conversation of QuintessentialYou is an intentional conversation of current life circumstances inside the context of  each  individual’s QuintessentialYou Blueprint. In fact, this is exactly how the  DevelopmentConversation emerged in the first place – in discussion with  friends, colleagues, and clients about the circumstances of their lives and my own, using the element of the QuintessentialYou Blueprint that had revealed itself at that point in the process.

As discussions ensued and continued over coffees, meals, shared  glasses of wine and long beach walks, the inquiries that presented themselves and instigated exploration led easily from one to another invariably producing recognition, realization, and the next element of the Blueprint.  Sometimes this realization would make immediate sense and sometimes not.  As the DevelopmentConversation progressed, there were nights when I would fall into bed at the end of the day only to be kept awake by the presence of what had shown up in an earlier exchange or insight.  In these instances, I noticed that I was compelled to pay attention not to what I was ‘thinking’ but rather, to what was resonating for me.  Development it seems, is a visceral experience not an intellectual one.  When something is visceral, when resonance is experienced, we know it.  There is no questioning, even when – perhaps, especially when we  are unable to explain it rationally.  Each and every time this occurred, I recorded the key ideas and processes.  There were most definitely times when I recorded notes even though I was not clear as to why or what relevance my noticings had.  Over time, the DevelopmentConversation organized itself into a series of inquiries and explorations ultimately revealing elements of the QuintessentialYou Blueprint and making perfect sense!  It is totally engaging and exciting!  Making it up or trying to fit an element into the design of the Blueprint form is futile.  There is no way to ‘think’ this up, invent it, or figure it out.  Reflecting over the past eight years from my current  vantage point,  I can only imagine that this must be what it is like to be an artist who has given her/himself over to his/her art.  It is absolutely an experience of being vehicle for something bigger than oneself  that wants to express itself.  The experience is at once easy and challenging, routine and amazing.

Today’s DevelopmentConversation of QuintessentialYou works exactly the same way as it was sourced:

There is first and foremost, the presencing of participants’ current experience and an update of life circumstances.  In the context of  one’s Blueprint and life experience the ground for recognition becomes fertile.  QuintessentialYou holds every occurrence and all conditions as perfect for development.  The progressive inquiry of each DevelopmentConversation accesses QuintessentialYou to effortlessly expand your recognition of your Blueprint.  As each element is recognized through inquiry, it is explored in one’s natural day to day life.  There are no exercises to try, no tasks to be done, no formalized conversations to have  – NoThing outside of you and your existence, just as it is.  Emergent  circumstances provide the conditions and the experience that your QuintessentialYou Blueprint, the inquiry and exploration call forward.

Your job is to be present to your life in the context of the exploration you have received from the DevelopmentConversation inquiry.  Life takes care of the rest:  You For You, You With Other, You In World.

Sound amazing?  It is – in its simplicity, exquisiteness, and impeccability!  Join me – I would love to be in the DevelopmentConversation of QuintessentialYou with you.  It is a delightful and enlightening interaction!

Begin by accepting the Gift of EssenceExpresssion – Allow me to gift you this first element of your QuintessentialYou Blueprint.

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Watch for my next post:  CONSTRUCT-PROSPER-SOURCE: The  Development Conversation of QuintessentialYou

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