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The Marriage of Individual & Universal Human-Evolving QuintessentialYou

In her book: Emergence – The Shift from Ego to Essence, Barbara Marx Hubbard defines the Essential Self as unique expression of the larger design of creation that holds fulfillment of the Universal Human that each of us is.

This idea makes sense to me in a very real experiential way.  In 2001,  while working with a client, I innocently asked some reflective questions that had me open a doorway that I was not looking for and certainly not one I expected.

Through my  initial questioning, I began to see that just as we have a physical  DNA, we also have a metaphysical one.   This metaphysical code forms a blueprint that is universal and at the same time, individual  to each and every one of us.  This blueprint which has come to be known as the QuintessentialYou Blueprint, integrates and embodies Universal Essence and Individual Expression – Universal being and Individual human.  You can see it for yourself in the attachment here – The QuintessentialYou Blueprint and learn more at www.quintessentialyoudesign.com

The QuintessentialYou Blueprint captures the individual in three experiences –  You For You, You With Other, You In World.  It contains our resonant potential and the elements that collaborate to have this resonant potential take form in our individual and collective lives.  It is the architecture of our innate, natural, and infinite expression…..Essence emerging Form.

We are our QuintessentialYou Blueprint and its InfiniteFulfillment.  We are designed to know it, to explore and be in relationship with it, and to express its unique contribution.  Whether we are conscious of it or not, whether we come to know it intimately or not, whether we honour its viability or not, we are each this EssenceExpression.

EssenceExpression – the first element of the QuintessentialYou Blueprint, is the central core of the Blueprint.  It captures each person’s perfect ”how’ and perfect ”what’ in the perfect combination that makes us each who we are.  Essence  gets at the core of how we are – our natural comfortable state, regardless of circumstance or pursuit.  Expression distinguishes what is the core magnetism of each individual – what we draw to us and what we are drawn to.  It is the collaboration of the two – Essence and Expression – that makes you and me uniquely you and me!

The work of the QuintessentialYou Blueprint is revelation of ourSelf to ourselves – the marriage of Individual human and Universal being not for our survival but rather, for evolvement of the structure that emerges our foundation and sources clarity for an ”existence transformed”.

As you read these posts, you will notice that QuintessentialYou brings together words that we typically hold separate.  That is intentional.  As my writing continues here, I will address that and other comments and questions that have come my way about the emergence of the QuintessentialYou Blueprint and its paradigm, discipline, and practices.

I will continue to write about the elements of the QuintessentialYou Blueprint and how they emerged and expressed through my own journey and the living of my own quintessential life.

I invite you to join me here and to share your comments as I introduce you to  the QuintessentialYou Blueprint expressing itself through me.  It is inspiring and rewarding, challenging and fulfilling.  I hope you will find yourSelf here and that QuintessentialYou will have you spend some time with me.

In the meantime, visit www.quintessentialyoudesign.com and be among the group of people who are allowing me to gift them the first element of their own QuintessentialYou Blueprint. That’s right – I want to gift you the revelation of your EssenceExpression.  It takes only 1-1.5 hrs.

Contact me @ 604.732-7959  OR  Kathleen@quintessentialyoudesign.com

Watch for tomorrow’s post – Essence & Expression – The Elegant Magnetism of EssenceExpression

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  1. Sylvia says:

    It is with tremendous joy that I read QuintessentialYou’s first blog. EssenceExpression has been, and is, my touchstone, my centre, my foundation and my blueprint the lens through which I see my world. I so look forward to engaging in QYou’s conversation with others on this evolutionary journey.

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