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Emergence of The QuintessentialYou Practices

A few posts back (July 14, 2009:  CONSTRUCT-PROSPER-SOURCE:  The  DevelopmentConversation of QuintessentialYou), I promised that I would share the story of how the Practices of QuintessentialYou came to be.  In the next few posts, I will be introducing you to these Practices so now seems the  perfect time to share my ‘practice-sourcing’ story.

In those areas of life in which we move with comfort and accomplish with ease, we hardly notice how we are being, what we are doing, or why it all works.  In these everyday arenas of life that we might call routine or even mundane, we  barely note our competence, never mind what might be considered excellence.  However, others for whom organization or cooking, housecleaning or mechanics, creative endeavour or scientific understanding, etc… is not so simple, look on and marvel at our proficiency.

I am on the receiving end of this marvel when it comes to being clear on and procuring what I need and desire, particularly in the area of anything to do with the aesthetic.  That includes basic needs, as well as auxilary wants for my surroundings, my clothing, creative pursuits, and gifts for others and myself.  In listening to observations and comments about this so-called ‘talent’ of mine, I generally laughed it off with no second thought about it.  That said, it was so obvious to some that I actually had friends and colleagues ask me how I manage to do this consistently.  Finally, I began to pay attention to their wondering.  I began to watch my own experience, thought process, and my behaviour.

A couple of stories come to mind that eventually had me see that I was engaged in a process of which I was completely oblivious…… until I wasn’t …oblivious anymore.  As crazy as it might sound, I saw the process through which I become crystal clear with respect to desire and how that clarity moves through a series of  practices to actualization.

The first instance in which I experienced the emergence of the nine practices of QuintessentialYou was in pursuit of a dress for a party to celebrate a birthday milestone.  I had a clear idea of what I wanted.  I had even seen the dress that would be the perfect one except for the price.  One day on a very warm summer afternoon in 2004, I was sitting at a red light on a very busy corner in downtown Vancouver’s prime shopping district.  I was anxious to get home for a cool drink and some relax time in the late afternoon sun.  As I sat there on that corner, with no thought of the birthday outfit and certainly no desire for a shopping venture, all I kept ‘hearing’ was ‘turn the corner – go down the street to a particular store’.  My unequivocal response was something like ‘no way — think again—- it’s roasting out here —- I just want to go home!’  You have to imagine, I was sitting in a major intersection at a red light arguing with mySelf!!  Eventually, after what seemed like a lengthy back and forth exchange, mySelf won!  I took the turn, parked the car, walked into the shop and directly to the original dress at half the price  it had been when I saw it weeks before. ‘Willingness To Be Surprised”, my favourite QuintessentialYou Practice, was born.

You might say that this is just happenstance or that events like this happen all the time.  Synchronicity is just part of life occasionally.  And, that’s just it, synchronicty IS part of life………NOT occasionally……always!

After being present to the dress incident, I paid more and more attention, resulting in a domino effect that produced a cascade of information.  I witnessed the holographic connection of states of being that lead from activation to engagement to actualization.  Additionally, I could see that although the structure and process are common to being human, the experience is completely different for EveryBody.

Sometime later, after thinking about selling my car in the upcoming Autumn season, my little 14-year old convertible car  sold itself to someone who left a note on my windshield, requesting to purchase it in the middle of the summer.   Subsequently, I set out on a journey to purchase the next particular car that I had a clear desire to have.   Partly with a sense of fun, partly now with a curiousity about these so-called QuintessentialYou Practices, I set out to have my car find me so that I might further see and understand the cumulative process in which I innocently engage.

I had a blast, say nothing of the enlightening aspect of this pleasureable experience!  In addition to the kalaidescope that eventually organized itself into nine practices, I learned so much about the difference between being clear and pure in Desire versus clouded and convoluted.  I also came to see that the experience of each practice is unique for each individual.  Hence, although the process has a structure, it only makes a difference when we each are able to viscerally check what resonates and name it for ourSelf.  Then the practices are truly the Practices of QuintessentialYou! Then and only then, the practices are an access to Activation Engaging Actualization — your structure, your process, your outcome.

It all lives in you:  You for You, You with Other, You in World!

So, over the next ten posts, I will introduce you to the holographic Practices of QuintessentialYou and I will distinguish each of these nine practices.  I invite you to join me on this journey and try on each practice for yourSelf, in your own life and circumstances.  I trust you will have some fun as you journey and I hope you will take a few moments now and again, to share a comment or two with me.

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Watch for my next post:  Distinguishing The Practices of QuintessentialYou

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