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Easier ‘Done’ Than Said

Desires are expressed when the man who has conceived them assumes the attitude of mind that would be his if the states desired were already expressed.” …Neville, 1942, Freedom For All

My most recent reading of this quote had me think about this idea as it relates to how we show up – what we present to the world and what others notice about our state of being.  If we come to the table wishing for some circumstance or condition to be true we cannot escape the presentation of lack – wishing for what isn’t yet available or visible.  Others note a missing – that gap between desire and expression.  If we arrive impregnated with our idea and desire, the thing or condition pending hardly matters.  Confidence and certainty attract support and collaboration.  Fruition is already experienced in the space.

The unique IntrinsicDesire that informs ‘Who we each are’ and What our experience is in the realization of it fully accomplished is key to how we show up.  We can say whatever we want and ‘work’ at what we say being so.  Or, we can access the reality of this innate desire ‘being’ so and live the brand we already are… Easier ‘Done’ Than Said!

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