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Distinguishing The Practices of QuintessentialYou

The context for The Practices of QuintessentialYou is ‘Activation Engaging Actualization’.  That is to say that the nine practices are fulfillment of this context.  Progressive, inclusive, and cumulative, each practice is incorporated in continuous fulfillment from activation to engagement to actualization.

The first three Activation Practices move  from distinguishing what IS NOT perfect to detailing and discerning what WOULD BE perfect to acknowledgment of what IS perfection For You.  This IS NOT a distinguishing of form in the sense that we are used to determining ‘things’ in our world – with a pre-set notion and attachment to that form.  These Activation Practices explore essence and expression to come to a clarity rooted in pure Desire.

Continuing to explore what IS NOT it as well as what IS it, the practices build progressively on each other to naturally and inherently move us forward.

The next three Engaging Practices distinguish what IS NOT being explored to bring notice  to what COULD BE explored and to raising attention to what IS being heard With Other.  This IS NOT a listening limited to what we hear outside ourSelf in relationship with someone or something.  These Engaging Practices include the experience of hearing inside relationship with Other  and Self as an access to intimate knowing and effortless expansion.

Finally, three Actualization Practices move from distinguishing what HAS NOT been recognized to what HAS BEEN recognized to appreciation for what HAS shown up.  This acknowledgment IS NOT constrained by narrow ideas and burden of proof with respect to requests for specific results.  These Actualization Practices cumulate and honour the viability of what  shows up as evidence and opportunity for expression of gratitude In World.

You have your own expression of the ‘Activation Engaging Actualization’ context and your own experience of  The Practices of QuintessentialYou. How do you progress from activating Desire to engaging Intuition to actualizing Gratitude?  What is your own innate process of the holographic Practices of QuintessentialYou?

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Watch for my next posts:  Each one will introduce you to a single holographic Practice of QuintessentialYou

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