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Development & Conversation-The DevelopmentConversation of QuintessentialYou

‘……paradoxes, (which) are nothing else than grandiose thoughts in embryo.’ …Soren Kierkegaard

Paradox is fundamental to existence, common to every human being and yet, expressed uniquely in each one.  Perhaps, we must consider that as  individual we are, each one of us, a ‘grandiose thought in embryo’.  Acknowledging this potentiality, we arrive at a pivotal juncture.

Individually and collectively, we are held in a state between two or more forces that appear to be acting in opposition to one another. The tension between these seemingly opposing forces is essential to life. It encompasses the critical tension of our humanity. In this dynamic, humans hold the vital magnetism between nature and need, between potential and practicality, between essence and form. QuintessentialYou is simultaneously, the embodiment of this dynamic and access to it.

Acknowledging this shared paradox and its inherent mystery, we accept life itself as our context. With this acceptance comes the invitation to know ourSelf as Universal being and Individual human. It is in the embrace of this paradox that we experience the totality of our humanity—our expression and our essence, our opportunity and our potential, our intention and want. The marriage of these is the marriage of Individual human and Universal being. It is being human in its totality. It is realization of InfiniteFulfillment. It is QuintessentialYou:


With the foundation of the QuintessentialYou Blueprint established, The DevelopmentConversation of QuintessentialYou emerged in the form of innocent conversation with family, friends, colleagues and clients.   Development occurred as Conversation ensued.  Paying attention, my ‘Noticing’ evolved, expanded, and recognized what has grown into a series of exploration—discovery—application conversations known as The DevelopmentConversation of QuintessentialYou.

Let’s distinguish DevelopmentConversation by separating the dual word that  makes it what it is:

Development is the process through which EveryBody and EveryThing passes by degrees to a different stage—advancing and maturing.  Evolution inherent to an organism gradually reveals, transforms and realizes its potential.

Conversation is the ideal form of communication it allows people with different views to learn from each other.

DevelopmentConversation is communication for evolution of potential.

QuintessentialYou DevelopmentConversations: CONSTRUCT PROSPER—SOURCE are designed for the QuintessentialYou Blueprint’s effortless expansion. Each is comprised of weekly inquiries that yield an element of your Blueprint.  We look at the either/or-ness of life, bringing together paradoxes that bind us because we hold them separate and equally, paradoxes that have us entangled because we cannot see and segregate them.

Every DevelopmentConversation includes a journal of explorations through which the QuintessentialYou Blueprint takes full individual form. This journey is your journey—on your schedule, using the circumstances, experiences, and conversations in your life through the process of QuintessentialYou. I invite you to meet QuintessentialYou. Realize InfiniteFulfillment.

Join the DevelopmentConversation. Begin by accepting the Gift of EssenceExpression.  It takes only 1-1.5hrs of your time, in person or by telephone.  Inside this bit of time, experience the elegant magnetism of the EssenceExpression you are.  It is your introduction to InfiniteFulfillment of QuintessentialYou. Why would you wait another moment for this opportunity?

In the meantime, visit my site: www.quintessentialyoudesign.com  Here you will find information about QuintessentialYou Design and the QuintessentialYou Blueprint. Join the RSS Feed to automatically receive posts about the emergence of the Blueprint and the DevelopmentConversation.  I’d love  to have you contribute to this  conversation.

Watch for my next post: The Emergent DevelopmentConversation of QuintessentialYou

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