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Opportunity & Potential-The OpportunityPotential of QuintessentialYou

‘The essential you, your real essence, is a field of awareness that interacts with its own self and then becomes both mind and body.  In other words, you are consciousness or spirit, which then conceives, constructs, governs, and becomes the mind and the body.  The real you is inseparable from the patterns of intelligence that permeate every fiber of creation.’ …..Deepak Chopra, Power, Freedom, and Grace

CONCEIVE is QuintessentialYou Design’s initial Inquiry Series.  Over the next few posts, I want to share the context of CONCEIVE with you and give you some insight as to how the original QuintessentialYou triangular context came to be.  In earlier posts, I have noted how the first element of the QuintessentialYou Blueprint – EssenceExpression- emerged as the central core of the Blueprint.  In writing these entries, I am present to re-tracing the  emergence of the entire Blueprint.  Looking back, it seems fast to me and yet, I am reminded that it is over the last eight years that each piece and its placement has had the QuintessentialYou Blueprint emerge and take form.

Let me begin by saying that not a single element of the QuintessentialYou Blueprint, its paradigm, discipline or practices was deliberately ‘made up’.  Even as I share this, I notice my hesitation in trying to explain how it came into form.  The truth is, it just seems to ‘be there’ as I live my own life in inquiry and conscious exploration.  My part is really the recording of it and now, the sharing of it with the world.  I’m reminded of  a line from Deepak Chopra’s recent lecture in Vancouver, B.C.  Humbly and humourously, he said, ‘God writes the books – I collect the royalties’.  It really is like that.  Perhaps the most practical way to describe my job in this is ‘receiving’ – to access the Blueprint, see it, record it and now, share it even as I currently source its conversation and application…. or whatever is next given to me to do.

One other published explanation that resonates with my experience of bringing the QuintessentialYou Blueprint forward takes me back to Barbara Marx Hubbard’s book, Emergence. In discussing what she calls ‘The Blueprint’, she writes the following excerpt:

‘Aligning the local self with the Essential Self cultivates a deeper awareness of our Essential Self.  We become aware of a genius code within our Essential Self.  We are able to conceptualize the nature or quality of genius encoded.  Conceptualizing or bringing to consciousness the quality of encoded genius sparks an ‘Immaculate Conception’.  Once conceived, we desire to express and make manifest the encoded genius.’

This paragraph is a pretty darn good description of my experience over the past several years and what I have come to know as the potential of the  QuintessentialYou Blueprint for everyone who engages with it.  At this juncture, I am guided by my own Blueprint and the QuintessentialYou practices and process through which it has me collaborate with it.

Perhaps the most practical way to introduce the next CONCEIVE Inquiry is to simply have you see the triangular inquiry called OpportunityPotential.   Here it is –  The OpportunityPotential Triangle.  Earlier posts have introduced you to EssenceExpression – the QuintessentialYou Blueprint’s central core.  Today, in focussing on OpportunityPotential, I will introduce the basic context of the Blueprint.

In my very first post on this site, I noted that I would address QuintessentialYou’s deliberate use of language terms that integrate and use two words as one – a single lexicon where existing language has not provided a word that is the integration of the two separate terms.  Let’s separate and distinguish OpportunityPotential in QuintessentialYou terms:

Opportunity: favourable combination of factors for executing and advancing a purpose

Potential: inherent capacity of being that which is possible

OpportunityPotential simultaneously accesses and names the combination of essential factors designed for fulfillment of our individual inherent capacity.

OpportunityPotential’s foundation is built on three windows: You For You, You With Other, You In World.  Essentially, You get You.  Let’s consider each of the three windows and what they mean from the perspective of QuintessentialYou. Being human guarantees three fundamental experiences:

You For You: Our Learning and Yearning for ourSelf – LearningYearning.

You With Other: Our Challenge and Gift with other – ChallengeGift.

You In World: Our Skill and Capacity in the world – SkillCapacity.

We might think of these windows as Self – Relationship – Contribution.  Each one of these windows of experience embodies  a paradox that is basic and intrinsic to being human.  Of course, this indicates that we must also newly consider the meanings of these words when they no longer stand as either/or conditions and scenarios.  Now, we are forced to look at the words and concepts as a continuum on one spectrum.  From this new perspective,  OpportunityPotential integrates our Learning and our Yearning, our Challenge and Gift, our Skill and Capacity.  Each pair is  inextricably linked in support of InfiniteFulfillment.  Universal in being human and simultaneously, completely distinct in each individual, these three paradoxes are a doorway to knowing, identifying, falling in love with and fulfilling QuintessentialYou. Herein, we halt our straddle between two worlds or conditions and as Chopra so succinctly states in Power, Freedom, and Grace, we ‘…escape the prison of the intellect, and enter the world of the infinite, unbounded, and free.’

No matter how many courses we take, how many books we read or how many processes we try on, until we experience the OpportunityPotential we each are,  we remain in pursuit outside of ourSelf – outside of the only real access we have.

Taking a closer look at the three fundamental OpportunityPotential experiences,  consider integration of the paradoxes we hold:

It is not our Learning OR our Yearning that is the activation of potential.  We all have evidence of moving across the continuum from one to the other and back again in search of Self fulfillment in some form or another.  It is  union  of this paradox – LearningYearning – that evolves our structure and transforms potential:  You For You.

It is not our Challenge OR our Gift that has us engaging potential.  We have all been present to those moments in which we are dancing ‘between’ other and Self in support of relationship.  Only in expressing both of this paradox – ChallengeGift – can we master Relationship and emerge potential:  You With Other.

It is not our Skill OR our Capacity that has us realize potential.  We have all experienced working hard, applying effort, and willing results to produce Contribution.  Only in embodying both of this paradox – SkillCapacity – do we access opportunity and penetrate our resonant potential:  You In World.

There you have it, the basic context of  OpportunityPotential, the QuintessentialYou Inquiry Series that establishes the foundation of the QuintessentialYou Blueprint.

I invite you to join me here and to share your comments as I continue to introduce you to elements of the QuintessentialYou Blueprint expressing itself through me.  It is my joy to share it with you.  I trust you will find yourSelf here and that QuintessentialYou will have you spend some time with me.

In the meantime, visit www.quintessentialyoudesign.com and be among the group of people to CONCEIVE their own QuintessentialYou Blueprint.

Contact me @ 604.732-7959  OR  Kathleen@quintessentialyoudesign.com

Watch for tomorrow’s post:  Intention & Want-The Power of IntentionWant

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