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Communicating Who We Are?..or..What We’d Like To Be?

Here’s my response to Malcolm Levene’s Huffington Post column today: Communicating Who You Really Are, Both Online And Off:

…..I firmly believe that the core issue that comes before HOW we present ourselves is, in fact, knowing who that Self is! So much of branding in general and now, personal branding in particular­, falls back to the notion of ‘how do I make myself look good’ versus the genuine communicat­ion of who I am and the ‘LivingBra­nd’ that is me – the exquisite essence + expression that is each one of us!

I think if we distinguish the desire that lives at our very core (and yes! we do have access to this IntrinsicDesire) and create from there, we do communicate who we are… with integrity, elegance, and impeccability!

You can check the article out here:


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