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Commitment & Desire – The CommitmentDesire of QuintessentialYou

“This kind of commitment begins not with will, but with willingness.  We begin to listen to the inner voice that helps guide us as our journey unfolds.  The underlying component of this kind of commitment is our trust in the playing out of our destiny…. knowing that whatever we need at the moment to meet our destiny will be available to us.  It is at this point that we alter our relationship with the future.” ….Joe Jaworski, Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership

Commitment is NOT what we do.  It is NOT the agreements, contracts, goals,  objectives, mission, vision, or values we are dedicated to or obligated to achieve.  Commitment does NOT live in will, determination, or strategy.

Commitment is a pledge to a state of being and engagement with a course  of action inherent in the design of EveryBody and EveryThing.  It is the  essence and way into who and what we are.  Commitment entrusts and guarantees InfiniteFulfillment through collaboration with each and every individual expression.

Desire is NOT what we want.  It is NOT the people, places, things, circumstances, conditions, or qualities we are longing for or working to attain.  Desire  does NOT live in hope, aspiration, or fantasy.

Desire is the excitement of passion and the internalization of process innate to the design of EveryBody and EveryThing.  It is the expression and  embodiment of what and how we are.  Desire is the integration and forwarding of all that is authentically ours to accomplish.

CommitmentDesire forms the uppermost and lowermost point of the holographic QuintessentialYou Blueprint. It holds EssencExpression and all the elements of the Blueprint in your quintessential marriage of individual and universal human.

You can check out CommitmentDesire here:  CommitmentDesire In The QuintessentialYou Blueprint

What is the CommitmentDesire of QuintessentialYou?  What is authentically yours to accomplish?  How will you collaborate with InfiniteFulfillment of QuintessentialYou?

Begin today.  Accept the Gift of EssenceExpression – allow me to gift you this first element and central core of your QuintessentialYou Blueprint. Contact me @

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In the meantime, visit my site @ QuintessentialYouDesign.com and learn more about the QuintessentialYou Blueprint and QuintessentialYou Design.

Watch for my next post:  Emergence of The QuintessentialYou Practices

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