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Chasing Transformational Change Is A Futile Pursuit

‘The essence of leadership is to shift the inner place from which we operate both individually and collectively.’…. C. Otto Scharmer, Theory U: Leading From The Future As It Emerges

Last week, in working with a young man participating in QuintessentialYou Design’s DevelopmentConversation, I witnessed the very essence of why I do the work I do.  Involved in the early stages of a community project, my client has shared many of the ups and downs, ins and outs that come with his desire to make a difference.  In the context of the human development work we are doing together, Andrew (not his real name) often discusses what he sees as not quite right with our existence and the mistakes we have made in building the structures and processes that we collectively use to make our way in the world.  Over the weeks of discovering his own internal architecture through the QuintessentialYou Blueprint work, Andrew progressively sees what makes him tick and make the choices he does in his little corner of the world.

As the weeks of conversation progress and the layers of who and what he is not drop away to reveal who he is, something begins to happen.  His conversation alters.  He begins to hear hisSelf and to recognize the difference between everyone else’s noise and his own quiet desire and subtle authentic concern.  I am not referring here to ‘concern’ as a cause for worry.  I mean ‘concern’ in the realm of what absorbs him and has his full attention.  Having worked on projects and community initiatives, he has seen firsthand the chase to make change happen.  He notices and acknowledges his determination to fix what is ‘wrong with the world’.  Yet, somehow naturally and organically, this same determination begins to have a different flavor.  Without fanfare or any obvious precursor, a transformation takes place.  The change being chased juxtaposes.  The chase changes.

I witness an individual awakening to a new idea – to a transformed structure in relationship with the world.  In a moment of spontaneous innocence, musing about no longer being interested in exploring the problems per se, the young man exclaimed, ‘I want to investigate the void – that empty place that we continually look to fill.  That’s what I am interested in.’  What is it that makes us chase new things, novel circumstances, new relationships?   He didn’t ask this but later, I wondered for myself, ‘Is this the same factor that has us yearn for a renewed world, a repaired environment, a re-jigged economy, a restructured government, a reorganized business etc….?

And if we could be with that very void, what might be possible?  What might be revealed?  Where might it lead us?  What future might emerge?  What might we individually create for ourSelf, each Other, and the World?

To make this leap and access this field of potential, what would we have to open to?  What would we have to trust and realize?   Can we individually and collectively muster up the courage to follow Andrew’s innocent suggestion to investigate our own void?  Is it possible that in this very vacuum of emptiness if we are willing to experience nothing we gain access to everything?  Within me, within you, collectively within all of us, is our pursuit the very thing that holds us back from that victorious moment in which transformational change arises and arrives in the space within our own being?

I would love to hear your experience and your thoughts.  Do leave a comment or two.

4 Responses to “Chasing Transformational Change Is A Futile Pursuit”

  1. Bobbie says:

    This is so interesting for me, as I see myself, or rather have seen myself, from the opposite place from Andrew, not wanting to investigate the void. On a superficial level I would tell you that I love change, love exploring new ways of doing things, new ideas; a veritable smorgasbord of choice. Well, not really. The business of filling the void is what keeps it going, and not until you sit in the beautiful silence and serenity of the void can you begin the process of transformation. The experience on the other side is far beyond anything we could imagine. It seems that the imminent changes in the world can only happen if more of us are willing to investigate the void. Great perspective!

  2. Kathleen says:

    Bobbie ~ Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I love your perspective: ‘…not until you sit in the beautiful silence and serenity
    can you begin the process of transformation’. What you say most certainly bodes well for the familiar quote; ‘Be the change…’.
    What we chase to change ‘out there’ only changes and emerges from who we are ‘in here’. The very change we work to make happen
    by repairing and fixing and altering occurs as we inquire, explore and discover the source within, individually and collectively.

  3. Ron Piper says:

    Transformational change will only happen when we are aware of our own uniqueness. For many of us we simply live a life on default setting: we live a social existence of conformity. But when we really begin to listen and to notice what is unique about us, then shift happens. An analogy … albeit a very simple one. Ever been in a group and a mobile phone rings? Because we have each taken the time to personalise our ring tone so that we can recognise our incoming calls we know the call is for us. Why is it then that only a very few of us decide to notice what is unique about us and calibrate our states so that we can use them to access even more wonderful states of being? Taking the time and finding the energy to notice what is uniquely ours is a first step. Being familiar with the internal architecture is rather like coming home.

  4. Kathleen says:

    Wow! Ron, you have spoken directly into the work of QuintessentialYou Design – Awareness of ourSelf! You are
    so right about the shift. It does, in fact, occur as each individual distinguishes the elements of their own unique
    Blueprint. It is curious why we are not yet collectively as curious as we might be about who we each are at our
    very core and what is uniquely ours to contribute to our world. Perhaps it is because we are so habituated to
    efficiently pick a ‘form’ rather than staying in process that emerges our gift and its quintessential application!
    Truly, it is the gift of getting to know and falling in love with the internal architecture that is our individual design
    for fulfillment!
    Thank You for taking the time to comment!

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