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52 Weeks Of InfiniteFulfillment – Your Structure, Your Process, Your Way

InfiniteFulfillment is progressive, inclusive, and cumulative.  Every step of the way, each inquiry and exploration is incorporated in continuous fulfillment of QuintessentialYou.

Distinguishing what IS NOT perfect and detailing and determining what WOULD BE perfect, we move to acknowledgment of what IS perfection.  We know Activation.

With knowing rooted in Desire, what IS NOT being explored and what COULD BE explored are considered.  We attend to what IS being heard.  Listening, we are Engaging.

With Intuition guiding us, what HAS NOT been recognized becomes what HAS BEEN recognized.  Appreciation for what HAS shown up is expressed.  We savour Actualization.

Every moment and each expression in our unique structure, with our  particular process, for our individual way, InfiniteFulfillment is realized. Every element of QuintessentialYou is put to practical use: You For You, You With Other, You In World.

We begin on Monday – my spritely niece’s 3rd birthday.  I think it a fabulous way to celebrate.  She has enough spirit to carry us all through the upcoming 52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment!

Over the past few days I have lived the Inquiry and Exploration posed for our practice application in my last post: What is my request of Life?  I am always intriqued by these inquiries and never disppointed about what life provides through exploration.  This past few days, I discovered:

I want to be discovered!

What about you?  What did Living the Inquiry and Exploration offer to you?  Post a comment.  Share your experience.

Invite your network to join you.  What will 52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment have you realize?

I look forward to our individual experience in this collective conversation, and I invite you to share your comments, questions, explorations and discoveries.

Throughout this exploration, the invitation to accept the Gift of EssenceExpression stands.  If you haven’t discovered your own, gift yourself the experience.  If you have discovered your own, gift a friend, family member or colleague.  Bring QuintessentialYou to your circle and the world.  We need all of who you are.

Monday, August 31, 2009… we begin.  In anticipation, I invite you to join me in this next inquiry & exploration.  Allow your QuintessentialYou Blueprint to lead you.  If you have discovered your Blueprint, notice the elements in your inquiry & exploration.  If you have not yet discovered your Blueprint, simply be in the question and trust what arises.

No matter what, explore, enjoy, and savour your structure, your process, your way ………..

What is InfiniteFulfillment of QuintessentialYou?

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