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52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment: Week 7-Experience Willingness To Be Surprised

‘…as you begin to awaken, you will start to see your own experience from the perspective of evolution itself. And you will begin to understand that when you become deeply interested in the evolution of consciousness and culture, the universe becomes interested in you! A potential partner in the evolutionary process appears, in the form of you.’ ….Andrew Cohen

I surmise that whatever has not been recognized by you and by me, be it  miniscule or enormous in the scheme of life, is available if we expand openness to it.  So what would that take?  What exercise would give us access to this opening and what it might provide – the partnership it would provide?

What if we replaced …or at least co-opted our learned goal setting and objective making selves with a Willingness To Be Surprised?  What might that add to the context of our daily living?  It may well be the most practical discipline we afford ourSelf.  This viable practice would open the door to what we may never have considered, opening us to receive from a broad spectrum, to see InfiniteFulfillment in places and circumstances we never expected.  Options could open up.  Pathways would become apparent.  Meaning could clear.  Answers would have a chance to arise.  Results would have space and time to emerge in the moment by moment steps we are compelled to take.

Collaboration with the process to creation would be the chosen route as each step counts, each condition, every conversation and exchange.

This week’s question to live – our living question with respect to Willingness To Be Surprised………..

What’s in front of me now?

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