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52 Weeks Of InfiniteFulfillment: Week 51 – The End Is The Beginning

‘Determined imagination, thinking from the end, is the beginning of all miracles….. The future must become the present in the imagination of the one who would wisely and consciously create circumstances.  Imagination must center itself in some state and view the world from that state.’….Neville, Awakened Imagination, 1954

Brown Eyes, Jorg Becker

The end REAL-ized is the Beginning.  From this state of REAL-ization, all material conditions and circumstances take birth.  In REAL-ization, a characteristic, a substance, an attribute is made real.  An event or occurrence takes its place.  In the work of QuintessentialYou, REAL-izations are articulated in past tense – ‘done’.  In the QuintessentialYou Blueprint design, they are visually situated at the source of and connected to every expression of tangible outcome.

Outcome – ‘out-come’ – is the perfect partner to REAL-ization.  It is the ‘coming out’ of what is realized within.  Outcome is Realization manifested.  Perfect observable evidence of the state of Realization, Outcome is no thing in itself.  It is experience and awareness captured and given expression.

The RealizationOutcome partnership is the process of conversion of what is experienced as real internally in essence into embodiment externally in expression.  There is no paradox here.  EveryBody and EveryThing is the perfect expression of a current state of Realization.  The degree of integration is in the evidence.  Separation exists only in externalization itself – the individual expression of the state of Realization.

I’ve written about RealizationOutcome earlier in this 52 Weeks of InfiniteFulfillment project.  I think it bears repeating at this Ending juncture – at this point in process at which we are about to embark on a new Beginning.  RealizationOutcome is exquisitely, simply, and impeccably: ‘Realization-Come-Out’.  There are no formulaic tasks to complete.  There is Desire clarified and experienced.  There is Attention and Intention applied.   There is REAL-ization.  All are right here and right now in the design of QuintessentialYou. The details of ‘How’ are the responsibility of universal mystery.  The components of ‘What’ are ours to determine and to accept as both possible and complete.

This week’s living question – our question to live invites us to have a look at a key outcome  to assess our current state of realization:

Considering ‘Out-Come’, what Realization is calling for adjustment?

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